Chapter 11.

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Before starting this chapter, I want to share this little info about me with you guys. This is my first year in filmmaking, and my first short movie was a psychological thriller which got a lot of really good reviwes. This fanfic had obviously helped inspiring me, and I wouldnt have continued writing it if it wasn't for you guys, so what I'm trying to say here is that you guys helped inspiring me! haha, thank you so much for your support, you rock! forever loving each and every single one of you.

This chapter is dedicated to all of you psychology lovers.


 Chapter 11.

I was standing in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by anything but living creatures, I stared at the road ahead of me as tears started prickling at the corner of my eyes. "I can never survive this" was the only thing I thought of. I was probably only 10 minutes away from the place where Sehun was. I kept crying the entire way and didn't stop until seconds ago. I was fetching for my phone in the purse, but since I was in an area with no reception, there was really nothing I could do. Besides thinking of him, of Sehun. Has he always been like this? was he playing some kind of a sick joke on me? or...was he actually playing me?

My thoughts were soon interrupted as a wave of dust blocked my vision and I placed my hands over my eyes.

"Get in now!" I couldn't see what the car was at first, but the voice sounded so familiar, so close to home that I didn't take a second to hesitate before doing what he said.

"Seatbelt on please." He said after I got into the car.

"How did you know I was here?" I asked the first thing that came into my mind. How'd anyone know that I was here?

He sighed while looking ahead, his left hand was firm on the wheel while the other one got dragged across his face.

"I followed you, Sarang, I couldn't find it in me to leave you alone with that psycho." He said. The last word would usually bother me since it was about Sehun, but right now I couldn't feel anything, I couldn't even get myself to care.

"I'm fine, Suho." I lied through my teeth as I sank into the passenger seat. The huff sound he made was a clear indecation of him not buying my lies.

"Could you just stop lying for atleast the next ten minutes?" He said firmly and I felt my eyes widen. Suho has never spoken to me with that tone before. He sounded so distant it hurt. But what could I say? He was right about everything, he may not have said it himself, but everything Suho has done after finding out about my feelings for Sehun, was a clear sign of warning.

We just sat in silence for the next hour and a half. I kept looking outside of the window, desperate to find something that would have me excited, or even upset. But nothing worked, I was like a body with no soul, and that's when I knew for sure that-

"Call your mom. She's probably worried sick about you." Suho suddenly spoke. I came to the realization that we were already in the city. How did Sehun get that far without me noticing? then a bitter smile took over my face. He's probably manipulated his way through it. Manipulated. Is that how I'm supposed to be feeling right now?

With that thought in mind I took my phone out of my purse and called my mom. She answered on the second ring.

"Honey! when are you coming home? Is Sehun there?"

Oh mom, if you only knew.

So I decided to lie again. "Yes, mom don't worry about it, I'll be home soon." I said into the phone. She told me that she loved me and couldn't wait to hear about my date. Then we both hung up.

I put my phone away and watched Suho from the corner of my eye, he didn't say a word, I wasn't planning on saying much either. We both stayed in the silence that almost killed us, until we finally stopped at my house.

I grabbed the door handle but something stopped me from getting out. My love and absolute loyalty for Suho had stopped me. And I found myself leaning back into the seat.

"I know you probably don't want to hear anything from me, but thank you for taking care of me. You're one of my closest friends, Suho, and I can never handle losing you." I said while looking down at my knotted fingers that rested in my lap, at the same time I noticed the torn fabric at the end of my dress. What a perfect night.

"You just don't get it do you?" He said then turned around in his seat so he was facing me. "Your selfishness had blinded you so you're not able to see why I'm fucking risking everything for you. Yet you're trying to set me up with one of the sillicones and run off with your flower boy. Damn it Sarang, I don't think I ever knew you." He finished.

If words could cut, this would be it. I found it hard to breathe and immediately got out of the car. My phone started buzzing in my purse but I didn't answer it as I made my way into the house without looking back to see if Suho was watching me or not.

Where's Luhan? Where's my bestfriend when I need him the most?

Thankfully, my mom wasn't in the living room, nor in the kitchen. So I quickly ran upstairs and into my room, I didn't want to talk to anyone about anything.

I stood dumbfounded after closing my bedroom door. Tears were already making it hard for me to see so I wiped them away and took a second look at what was placed on my bed.

A box. A black box with a white ribbon.

I started feeling uneasy as I made my way over to the thing. Relax, Sarang. It's not a bomb. Your situation cannot get worse than it already is, just open the damn box already! my subconscious sneered loudly and annoyingly. I found myself getting closer to the bed.

I leaned forward and poked the box, I don't know what I was thinking but it clearly didn't move. So I sat down next to it and slowly grabbed it onto my lap. It had a small card on it, which was written using a computer.

I sighed as I started reading what it says;

Dear Sarang,

They say, keep your friends close but your enimies closer.
I say, keep your friends close but the insane ones away.
Don't you agree?


I dropped the card onto the floor and hurried to open the box. Ripping the ribbon away to open it, and when I did, I almost vomited.

The beautifully decorated box wasn't at all beautiful from the inside.

An old torn kids shoe that smelled like death, a teddy bear with both of its eyes poked out with dark red stains all over it. I gasped when I realized what the stains were...blood.

I threw the damn thing away, but something else kept me from screaming loud, for now atleast. I lifted up the old photo and started scanning it with my eyes, it had two boys in it, it wasn't that old so it had a bit of color, one of the boys was holding the other one's hand and smiling widely, while the second one kept a straight face and was looking directly at the camera. My heart clinched.

Those staring eyes.
That smile that looks so familiar.
That conservative stand.

My hands started shaking as I started putting the pieces together,

Sehun has a twin, and I may know who it is.

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