Chapter 2.

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"What's up, my name is Oh Sehun" He said, and I heard the other girls commenting things like "so cool!" and "so handsome!" Oh he was both alright, but the way he looked at me earlier made me feel somewhat uneasy about him.

Could the rumors about him be true?

"Sehun, where have I heard that name before?" Luhan suddenly spoke from beside me, I found that he was the one poking my side while I was watching the new guy earlier, and turned to look at him while he seemed to be lost in thought, maybe he didn't mean to say that out loud.

Sehun bowed to the teacher and handed back the microphone just when the Three Silicones approached him and I couldn't get myself to look away this time, they were all over him, how disgusting. "Pshht, and she was begging me to be her boyfriend for years" Kai huffed when he saw Nara showing interest in the new guy.

"It's okay, Kai, they're the Silicones, don't tell me you didn't see that coming" Chanyeol said, and Kai gave a small shrug as he drifted his eyes else where, and the new guy kept a straight face throughout the entire conversation with them, maybe he noticed all the work they got done on their faces. Ha! good one, Park Sarang.

I was laughing to myself when I saw the black haired guy from earlier walking back into the lunchroom and stand at his friend's side, he seemed to be just as disinterested as Sehun was, smiling faintly at the Silicones before looking somewhere else to avoid conversing with them for any longer, and his eyes kept looking around the lunchroom until they stopped at our table, and at first, I thought he was looking at Lay but came to realize that his gaze was pinned on Luhan, and slowly, his gaze drifted to me.

I started panicking, but his eyes remained fixed on me and he flashed an all teeth smile, which I didn't return from how embarrassed I felt. Oh my God, what if he's got the wrong impression?! I stopped looking in his way all together, and instead looked at the faces that were sitting at the table and found them all looking at me, even Luhan.

"What?" I asked, completely flustered by having them looking at me the way they did, as if I were some kind of a science project they seemed to be wary of.

"He's insane." Chanyeol said.

"And, he used to live in a mental house" Suho added.

"Don't forget that he killed seven men" Kyungsoo said.


"AISSSHH!" We all shouted at him the same way we did earlier, I couldn't believe that he'd buy such nonsense! "Only one way to find out the truth" Luhan suggested, and he looked smugly at me while I raised my eyebrows at him.

"What?" I urged him on, and he crossed his arms over his chest before giving me a once over, I stared dumbly at him "You," He pointed at me with his index finger "Shall find out the truth" I gasped, "What? me? why?" I hurriedly said, which caused him to laugh.

"Sarang, you couldn't keep your eyes off him, might as well find out what he's like, and I know you wouldn't want to miss the chance in pissing off the Three Silicones" He explained, and he did have a point there, regarding the Silicones, I mean "What if I'm not his type?" I found myself saying, then mentally slapped myself for it. Really now?!

"AISSHHHH!" They all yelled at me. Kyungsoo must have felt horrible when we attacked him the same way earlier.

"You're beautiful, and I saw how he looked at you" Suho said. Did he actually just say that? "You didn't just say that" I told him, and Luhan chirped in "You did not just say that to my best friend!" He repeated, and I slapped his arm. Yeah right, he was the one to talk after suggesting to use me as a bait!

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