Chapter 9.

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"Who's there?" I couldn't recognize my own voice from how scared I sounded. A hand suddenly clutched my left one which caused me to drop my things on the floor and direct a punch..."Helllll!" The voice growled and then I was squeezed between a pair of arms, the warmth they gave me made them feel familiar, and I almost cried with relief."Sehun." I whispered into his chest as tears started to prickle at the corner of my eyes."I'm here," he managed to hold my face in his hands through the dark "I'm here." He reassured me again, "I've always been here." He said before placing a kiss on my forehead and backed away. I couldn't feel his arms around me anymore.

As the lights turned back on, Sehun was once again...gone.

A note was placed on top of one of the desks and I picked it up to read what it said:

Friday, sassy. 

Don't forget.

It was from him, from Sehun!

I quickly ran out of the classroom in hopes to find him still in the hallway, but he was already gone.

Friday. I repeated to myself. Sehun wanted to see me, he wasn't doing all of this because he regretted our kiss...Or was he? I still had some doubts about that but then his friend Tao's words hit me, Tao said that his parents were back in town and that they were going to take him with them. Why? why weren't they staying with him in the first place? Did Sehun want to go with them? Why was this so damn comp-

"As expected, miss Sarang" a familiar voice said as its owner walked his way towards me. "What do you mean?" I asked as he came closer. He smiled as he spiked his hair even more with his fingers. "I knew that I'd find you lost in your own world like this." "If you were trying to say something deep, that wasn't the way to go, Hen." I said, and he laughed as he threw an arm around my shoulders and we started walking together."Good point," he said, "do you remember our oath from six years ago?" He asked, and a smile drew on my face. Of course I did.

I nodded, and he eyed me suspiciously. "Tell me what was it again?" He was grabbing me from the back of my jacket like a 6 year old, the punk. "Stoppp!" I whined as I reached on my toes to force him to let go, but since he was much taller than me, I was at a disadvantage. "What got you so happy? huh? and tell me what was it again then, I will let you go." He said. "Or how about you let go of me and I'll answer you? people are watching Luhan..." I whispered the last part and he started looking around for the "people" I just made up, which gave me the chance to escape from his grasp. "You sneaky girl!" He called out as I started running down the hallway and away from him, giggling the entire way.

Should I ask if he'd seen Sehun walking out of the classroom?

I stopped running as that thought came across my mind then turned around to see my best friend brisk walking in my direction with a huge smile on his face. Just how much did Luhan know about this? "You stopped running." He said as he reached me. "How are things going with nurse Junhee?" I asked. It's been a while since I had a heart to heart talk with Luhan due to my Sehun situation. He laughed a small laugh. "So sudden." He said then shoved his hands into his pockets, reminding me of Sehun, and we started walking again, "They're good actually, she's really great." He sounded genuine which was a weird thing for our Luhan. "That's good. I'm glad you're happy" I said, meaning every word of it. "But please be careful not to get caught."I added, and he nodded his head like a good little boy.

Should I ask him about Sehun now?

"Have you-"

"Do you wa-"

We both said at the same time and laughed.

"You first." I said.

"Only because it's super important or I'd have let you go first," he explained, he was trying to be a gentleman I see, I rolled my eyes at the thought. "Do you want to..." He trailed off for a bit before continuing,  "skip school with me today?"

Did I hear him wrong?

"I'm sorry but what?!" I said a little bit too loudly. He lowered his eyebrows at me which caused me to giggle. "You've been feeling down for a while and school is boring anyway so why not skip it for just one day? pleeeeasee." He said with puppy eyes. Luhan was already cute as it was, puppy eyes would just step up his game. So I immediately gave in. "Where should we go?" I sighed and he rubbed his chin as he thought about it. "There's a new bowling c-" "I'm not skipping school to go bowling!" "Geez. Okay relax, does the town library sound good enough for you, nerdy?" he teased. "Ha-ha. Very funny." I deadpanned, and he made a proud face to reflect his success of teasing me. Psssht.

"We can always go watch the other school's football match and -he fixed his collar in an attempt to look smart- my sources have told me that they're playing in 2 hours." He said. Since Luhan the octopus -because he has so many connections- mentioned a football game, then he must really want to go. I wondered why "Why all of a sudden? are your -I made air quotes- sources, playing today?" I asked and he smiled widely. I stared up at my best friend's profile, what was he up to? "You're creepy." I said with accusing looks. "I know," he admitted happily. "Two things, first one is -he lifted a finger up- I will get to see Junhee, and two -he lifted another finger- We're already out."As soon as he spoke the words I looked ahead of me and realized that we were, indeed, out of school.

"How did we even..." I said, completely dazed.

"The power of Luhan" He said with a huge grin and curled up both of his biceps, making a show out of them. "This, -he motioned to the left bicep- is Thunder, and this one -he lifted the right one up- is...erm, Alejandro." He kissed both of them and I started laughing like crazy."You did not just name your biceps, Luhan, oh my god." I said, still laughing. He shrugged as if what he's done was the most normal thing ever and started walking in front of me. "Let's get going before we get caught." He called to me over his shoulder. I followed him as I started walking along side of him.


"That, was one of the worst shot ever. " Luhan complained as one of the players missed the goal. I sighed while sitting beside him. "If you think that he sucks then you should play instead of him." I said with a forced smile and he chuckled."Sarang," he wrapped an arm around me "If I stepped a foot into that field, the boys won't have a chance against me, and that would be mean of me to do, wouldn't it?" He sounded so cocky that I punched his ribs.

"Ouch!" he yelped out.

"Not so cocky now, are we." I said and crossed my arms over my middle before turning my attention back to the game. Truth to be told, Luhan was an amazing footballer, he might suck in every other sport but when it came to soccer, he was indeed the best. One of the players missed another goal and I turned to luhan, waiting for his comment, but he didn't say anything. "Um, hello? I'm kind of waiting for your smart ass comment...Luhan?..." I turned to see who he was looking -smiling at, and found nurse Junhee making her way towards the benches.

I laughed bitterly to myself. "You're love sick, friend." I said as I, also, continued to watch nurse Junhee. She was indeed beautiful, even from a girl's perspective. I actually couldn't blame Luhan for falling hard for her. Like how hard you fell for Sehun? my subconscious spoke and I shook my head. Exactly like how hard I fell for Sehun. Luhan suddenly stood and I saw nurse Junhee looking around the field, and sure enough, her eyes caught Luhan's, and they both smiled. It was so sickening and adorable at the same time. Luhan didn't even bother watching the match after his beloved Junhee came out.

After waving at her for the millionth time, he sat down with his eyes still pinned on her.

"Oh didn't I tell you," he murmured distractedly, "my parents are back in town"

  He said.

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