Chapter 10.

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"I'd say, go for the red and ditch the white." Yunji said as she motioned to the dresses I was holding. She was trying to help me find the perfect outfit for tonight's date.

It was finally Friday.

"But white is his favorite color..." I tried to argue and she shook her head at me with a smile, "honey," she started "red makes a man go wild just by looking at you, while white is...innocent." She said. But I am innocent! "It will also help hiding your blushing." She pointed out and I sighed as I covered my cheeks, "I wasn't blushing" I lied."Sure." She laughed and I turned away from her to put my white dress back into the closet. I guess red will have to do then.

"As for the makeup-"

"What are you ladies up to?" My mom interrupted as she walked into my room.

"Mom!" I whined, "could you please knock the next time? I could've been naked!"

"But I knew you won't be," she said while winking at Yunji, who broke into a fit of giggles.

"Is that what you're going to wear? it's beautiful, darling." She complemented.

"Will do well in hiding your redness."


"Right Mrs.Park? I totally said the same thing." Yunji took no time in agreeing.

They high fived each other like the best of friends as I started getting ready.


"Wow, Sarang, so fiesty! I love it." Yunji said as I finished my hair and makeup, I let my hair fall down around my shoulders in soft waves, and as for makeup, it was just an eyeliner and red lipstick. "You sure about the red lipstick?" I asked and she nodded her head rather enthusiastically. "Is this your first date ever?" She suddenly asked and I actually took time to answer. Of course it was my first date. I never thought of any guy that way before Sehun. "Yes." I spoke softly and she nodded. "Well, last but not least" she said as pointed at the dress, I smiled at her in gratitude before she exited the room to let me put on my dress. 

My phone started buzzing from the vanity and I picked it up, it was a text from him, from Sehun.

From: InsaneOppa. <3


The text didn't say much but I found myself smiling like crazy just thinking about seeing him again, I haven't heard anything from him since the blackout on Tuesday. Except for the small stuff Tao had told me, like how he was doing and such.

To: InsaneOppa. <3


I pressed send and went back to getting ready.


"Whao" Yunji said, followed by a whistle as she saw me coming down the stairs. Her face had said it all, I looked good, I looked real good. "Oh my god honey, you're so beautiful." My mom added and I smiled widely at her. This feels like going to the prom all of a sudden."Is he coming to pick you up?" Mom asked and I nodded as I took a seat across from her and Yunji on the L shaped sofa. "How cute, I wish Suho would do something like that for me." Yunji said."He will sweetie, just do as I told you and see what happens." My mom told her, and I looked back and forth between the two. They've already become the best of friends indeed! "Mom, you know about Suho?" I asked. "Of course I do honey, and he would be a fool if he let go of this one." She said as she pointed at Yunji with her thumb. Yunji was already beaming next to her.

Turned out that my mom was the best after all.

The sound of the door bell cut off our chatter, and I watched as my mom got up to see who it was. My heart started racing, he was finally here. "Oh, come on in." I heard my mom saying and then saw a not so Sehun figure walk into the entry area. What's he doing here? "Suho?" I asked and felt Yunji's eyes following me as I walked up to him."I came to talk if you don't mind..." He trailed off and I knew why as Yunji's breathing was heavy in my ear. She was standing right behind me. "Hey Suho." She shyly said and I raised an eyebrow. Where did the confident men go wild when they see red Yunji go? I smiled to myself. That didn't apply to Suho, I see.

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