Chapter 18.

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Sehun's P.O.V

"He what?" I looked bewilderedly at Tao whose face gave nothing away, other than the awful news he'd just told me. My brother was dying.

"The doctors said he needs a new liver immediately, they couldn't find a match, yet..." He trailed off as his eyes failed to keep in what he actually wanted to say.

"I'm sure I am a match." I said as I got up and swapped my sweatshirt with a black t-shirt and matching jeans, hearing Tao sighing as I went on.

"I won't let you die Sehun, even if you wanted to-"

"It's not up to you whether I-"

"Shush! just fucking listen to me once for a change! I didn't bother throwing my life away to stay beside you just to have you get killed like that, you piece of careless shit!" and for the first time ever, I witnessed as the man who I've treated as my only family this whole time, slips a tear down his face. Tao was actually crying.

"You can't..." He trailed off as more tears came out and he couldn't hold them in anymore, Tao fell to his knees and started crying into the crease of his elbow, letting it all out.

"Hyung, I-I'm so sorry." I said, meaning it, it's not like I've apologized a lot throughout my life, I didn't have the chance to since I've always been trapped in that mental hospital as the victim, I didn't even bother to think how much Tao had suffered, how he had risked his entire life and future just to keep me safe, and he didn't even had to do any of it, he just chose to.

"Whenever I broke down you built me up again and told me that men never cry, hyung, you always told me to be strong, and now I'm telling you to do the same." I said as I bent down next to him, trying to get a look into his eyes that were filled with tears and sorrow. "You have to let me go now." I whispered.

Tao stared at the floor for a moment before rising up to his feet, and fixing his now damped shirt, he then looked at me and said, "let's go."

I looked at him with buzzled expressions, so soon?

He seemed to get my point as he shook his head and rolled his eyes at me before saying, "it's not what you think, let's go and have a little gathering with the devil."


I was now standing infront of a big HOUSE, a very big house, a mansion if you ask me. It had a security guard standing at its huge gate, looking at us with skeptical looks as we drove closer.

"Can I help you, gentlemen?" the guard asked, regarding the both of us. I looked over at Tao who looked like he knew exactly what he was doing, which I highly doubted.

"Yes sir, we're here to see Lu Sojin?" just as soon as he mentioned that woman's name, I felt my stomach crumbling. And, you guessed it, I looked at Tao as if I were seconds away from strangling him to death. He dragged me out of my house, and each time I asked where were we going, he said that I'll figure it out eventually, and there we were, at the devil's throne.

The guard still had the same skeptical looks from earlier as he asked for our names and then called whoever it was that probably told that vicious woman that we were here to see her. I looked between Tao and the man just before the gate was opened for us to get in.

We drove past a garden, fountains and some other stuff that I didn't pay much attention to, all I was thinking about was that I was finally going to confront this woman, expose her secrets, and pretty much tell her how a rotten piece of shit she really is. Atleast, that's what I think Tao brought me here for since he told me that my brother was admitted into the hospital. And since I've always trusted my instincts, I brought along the only object  that could really keep us safe inside that cursed house. Hint: it has a revolver. I was never allowed to have that kind of thing with me, but as long as you know to manipulate people the right way, everything is possible.

Tao stopped right infront of, well, the actual house, finally. He killed the engine then turned in his seat and looked straight at me, "This is your chance, boy, this is your chance to spill it all out, you've got nothing to lose. And I promise you just like I did eleven years ago, that nothing will happen to you." He said, and I felt my eyes sting, but quickly blinked and made the stinging feeling go away.

"This is why you brought me here?" I asked, already knowing his answer, and he nodded. I took a deep breath and then climbed out of the CAR, making sure that my gun was hid neatly as I walked up behind Tao, not having to rehearse any lines, or practice any role, this was the real me, the real Oh Sehun who was finally, going to get what he wants.


"Care to tell me why I have to look at your face after all these years?" the old woman asked, looking older than ever, she had wrinkles everywhere on her face, her hair was full on white now, giving her somewhat a kind old lady look, only that I know she was never the kind type to begin with. her eyes were trained on me as Tao mocked her words behind me, causing me to slightly waver.

I cleared my throat, this was it.

"Lu Sojin, ever the greatest hostess, is this how you treat all of your guests?" I asked, taking my time in looking around her office room, checking for any CCTV's, if there were any. She seemed to be living a perfectly normal life for a murderer.

"I don't welcome criminals in my house boy, never have and never will." She said, not missing a beat, which had me curling my fists into two balls at my sides.

"Listen, you owe this kid just as much as you owe the sick one." Tao suddenly spoke from behind me, I didn't turn around for him to know that I was literally, few seconds away from killing him.

The devilish woman laughed, then fixed her eyes back on me. "What is it that you want? isn't it enough that I've already paid for all your treatment bills?" she said, and I was the one laughing now, I actually tried everything in me to keep me from laughing so hard, she sure had developed her sense of humor over the years.

"Treatment bills? you mean how you framed me as a fucking murderer and threw me into a rehab for something I had never done?" I spoke as slowly as I could manage, trying to keep my nerves calm, and studying the way she picked at the flesh beneath her nails, which, by the way, had always bothered me. 

"I might have killed a man in the past, okay, maybe two. Doesn't mean that I'm the insane one here." Just as she kept talking nonesense and I was done listening to her, I heard a tick sound, coming from the only person who was standing behind me, Tao. My face paled as I realized that he had a gun with him too, since the ticking sound sounded almost familiar to me, not like I've used guns in my life before, but this time would definitely be my first if I wanted to eliminate this horrible woman sitting infront of me. 

Just as the witch kept looking between me and Tao while going on and on about her unfinished nonesense, I slowly reached for my gun in my back pocket, and heard the gasp of Tao as I pulled it out and fixed it right at the old woman causing her to stop mid-sentence and stare at me with wide eyed, I noticed her hands reaching under her desk, probably trying to push some kind of an emergency button, and I started walking to where she was sitting, just as Tao grabbed onto me and held me back.  "Sehun, what the hell are you doing?" He asked, his eyes almost bugging out of his face from how big they looked, his hand shaking as he slowly reached for my gun, but I moved it out of his reach.

"Let me kill her, Tao, I know you were going to do it and I will not let you go into jail!" I said as I yanked my hand away, and caused him to stumble back. He quickly reached up for me again as he pulled something out of his pocket. "Sehun, I've recorded everything that happened -he shows me the recorder in his hand- all we got to do is have the police hear it, and she'll be as good as gone, don't do this, Sehun, please, put the gun down." He pleaded, and just as I was about to put my gun away, the sound of a gun shot startled me, causing me to duck down and fall onto the ground.

I turned my head to see the evil witch standing with a gun in her hand, aiming it right at me, except that I wasn't the one bleeding.

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