Chapter 15.

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I was waiting for Luhan inside the school's cafeteria so I could get my phone back and then we can both go talk to Sehun. But the problem was, Luhan still didn't show up yet, and the more I waited, the more anticipated I became to see what'd Sehun do when he finds out the truth.

"Oh dear Sarang," The owner of the voice said, and I shut my eyes tight. Go away. "who's making you wait here? your ex? oh wait I'm sorry, I mean the guy who had dumped you?" His voice irritated every cell in me and I turned around to find a smirking Suho standing behind me.

"Go on with your life, Suho and leave me alone." I said then turned to face the doors of the cafeteria again. I caught a glimpse of Kai and Lay sitting at our usual table and was about to go to them when Suho blocked my way. I sighed. "What do you want?" I didn't even try to hide my irritation as I spit out. 

"You." He simply said and I cringed inwardly. Dream on.

"Move out of the way please." I said then tried to walk pass him, but he blocked me again. "Why leaving so soon?" he said and for the first time ever, he touched me. I found myself trembling when he grasped my chin so tight. "Look at me." He demanded harshly. I looked anywhere but at him. He was acting really strange. I was one-hundred percent sure that the old Suho didn't exist anymore, maybe he never did. "I said, look at me. Sarang." He forced me to look up and when I was about to slap his hand away, someone yanked him back and he crumbled to the floor. Catching the attention of the other students.

"What the fuck do you think you're-" He was still on the floor when Sehun grabbed him by the collar of his shirt, and hauled him up to his feet. "Ask me that again?" Sehun said with a ghost of smile. He was challenging Suho.

When Suho didn't respond, Sehun pinned him against the wall by the collar of his shirt. "You fucking piece of shit let go!" he tugged at Sehun's hand, but it wouldn't budge. 

"I don't like to repeat myself, so you better answer me." He said, and before I knew it, Kai and Lay came running toward Suho. At first, Kai tried to ease Sehun's grip on Suho, and when it didn't work, he directed a punch to Sehun's jaw, causing him to stumble back a few steps, I managed to stable him.

"Oh my god! are you okay?" I asked Sehun, who patted my hands with a faint smile, then removed them off him before elbowing Suho right in the gutt. I stood there dumbfounded, watching my bestfriends and Sehun fighting with eachother.

"I told you..." Sehun addressed me and shoved Suho back to emphasize his point. "to never let those eyes look at anyone but me. And out of all people, you forced her to break that promise?" His fist collided with Suho's jaw, but not for long as Kai jumped Sehun and they both hit the floor.

I started crying. "Lay, please. Make them stop." I tugged at Lay's jacket and he wrapped his arms around me. "You know when Kai goes mad, I can't do anything about it." He said nonchalantly, which made me look at him with disgust and peel his arms away from me. He wanted Sehun to get hurt.

I ran to Kai and started pulling him off Sehun with all my force, but he didn't even budge at my attempt, I quickly scanned the place for one of our teachers, and noticed that Suho had already ran away, the coward. The other students were either taking pictures of the fight, or cheering for one of them. No one cared enough to call someone for help. Including Lay.

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