Chapter 22.

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"He's just two rooms down from here," I said as I guided detective Kim to Sehun's hospital's room, he needed Sehun's testimony as an eyewitness of Tao's murder to finally arrest that evil woman.

We finally stopped at his room and I knocked on the door before seeing nurse Jinhee running toward us in a hurry, "he's not in there" she said, I raised an eyebrow at her and she continued, "he's getting ready for the surgery, Luhan's condition got worse." 

"W-what? how, you said-"

"I know, it's too late Sarang."

"Are they performing the surgery as we speak?" Detective Kim suddenly asked, and I felt dizzy all of a sudden. This wasn't how we were supposed to say goodbye.

"No, they're-"

"Which room, Jinhee? tell me!" I started yelling, her eyes widened for a moment before she ushered to the end of the hallway where the operating room was. I quickly ran in that direction, ignoring the protest of detective Kim and nurse Jinhee, I needed to see him for a couple more minutes, he wasn't supposed to leave me, he told me he'll be here when I get back!

As soon as I stopped infront of the big two slide doors of the operating room I was held back by Suho, he whispered something in my ear, about having to let go, and that everything will be okay once Luhan was saved...But what about Sehun? 

"Get off me." I said, and he quickly let go, the other boys tried to get me to listen but I didn't, instead, I started banging on the doors.

"Sehun! I know you can hear me! Sehun please I-"

"Miss Park! stop!" Detective Kim was at my side in an instant and he grabbed both of my hands to stop me from knocking, but that didn't stop me, I went absolutely crazy, pushing him away and trying to get inside the operating room where the guy I love was spending his last few minutes before his death.

The doors suddenly opened and a doctor came out with confusion written all over his face, I grabbed onto his lab coat as he looked down at me, "please, I want to see him please" I begged, tears were already soaking my shirt while my throat hurt from how hard I tried to keep from crying, but failed miserably.


"I beg you, is he awake right now?" I asked, the doctor nodded slowly and I let go of his lab coat and snuck behind him, he tried to get a hold of me but couldn't, I was fast as I ran down the corridor and finally reached the operating room where I saw him, my stalker, the guy who said he'd been watching me for four months straight, a sad smile drew on my lips as I looked at him and he looked at me, the corners of his mouth lifting up in the most gentle smile, and he nodded at me, he was laying down on a bed while Luhan rested on the one beside him, I walked closer and placed my hand on the glass window, one of the nurses tried to shoo me away and told the other nurse to make me go, but Sehun mumbled something and they remained silent, finally, he got up from the bed and walked over to the glass window as I stood facing him from the other side, his eyes were unfocused which meant he was probably already under anesthesia, he placed his hand on the glass where it met mine and I started sobbing, his eyes turned red as he tried not to shed any tears but failed just as much as I did. 

"I love you, sassy." he mouthed while smiling through watery eyes, a full genuine smile that got my heart beating even faster than it already was.

"I love you." I mouthed back, and his smile widened as a tear slipped down his cheek and he wiped it away.

"Miss!" A voice startled me from behind and I turned around to find an old woman wearing a scrub and a medical mask over her mouth staring at me. I suddenly felt uneasy. "You need to leave right now." her voice came out muffled, and when I ignored her and turned around to face Sehun again, he was already gone and a curtain was dropped down.

"You need to leave." She repeated, this time I listened because there was nothing else I could do, Sehun was Luhan's only way to survive, and he wanted to do it, which meant that even if I spent million years trying to talk him out of it, he still wouldn't listen.

I walked passed the old woman but something in her eyes stopped me mid-stride. I took a step back and found her looking down at a what seemed like a medical file.

"Excuse me-" 

"Miss Park!" the doctor from earlier called, I sighed and walked towards the exit area, he was glaring at me but I couldn't care less, my mind was already too busy thinking about how unsettled, that woman had me feeling.

I pushed through the two doors to find my mom pacing back and forth, she stopped upon seeing me and made her way over to where I was standing. The silicones minus Nara, were also there to enjoy the moment. "What the hell were you thinking?!" My mom said, and man, did she look angry.

"You have no fucking right, to be mad at me." I said and walked passed her, then saw the others shutting their mouths after attempting to open them, no one had the right to tell me what I should or should not do, and especially not my mother who had denied me the love of my father's and my half sibling's.

"Excuse me? young lady you come back here right now!" I heard her yell after me, but not once have I turned around to look at her.


Lu Sojin's P.O.V (Grandmother) :

"We're starting the surgery in ten minutes." The surgeon announced to the rest of the team, I was standing far in the corner so I wouldn't get caught. It was so annoying seeing that brat Sarang having her last goodbye with the nutcase, it was rather pathetic really, how she thinks or how everyone think, that I'd allow having a part of that insane boy live inside of my precious baby's body. I have already found a match, and once I get rid of Oh Sehun, I will be able to save my baby's body from getting polluted by him.

I never liked that kid, he was too much like his grandfather, no, he was exactly like his grandfather, the man who have killed dozens of people for selfish reasons but I finally saved them by stopping him and have him killed. That boy was six years old when I saw the resemblance between him and that murderer, they both have the same sharp eyes that showed no mercy. His grandfather was a bad man, and so was this boy, he was going to grow up like him, raping women and killing innocent people for his own benefit, but I managed to stop him by locking him in that mental hospital where he belonged. His grandfather had never loved me, just as much as I didn't love him, he turned my life into hell from the moment he married me when I was only eighteen years old, he fooled my poor father and promised him pounds of gold just so he could have me, but I was his slave rather than his wife. I'm so glad I have spared the world from that man's evilness, and was going to do the same thing and save the next generations by killing his grandson.


"Scrape," the surgeon asked and he was handed one while I stood in the same spot as earlier, this was the perfect moment, Sehun was now living off the machine as they already cut through the skin, while my baby boy's body was perfectly fine. Only one person was standing next to Sehun's bed and I walked to stand next to him.

I managed to push him slightly so he'd feel uncomfortable and I'd get a better access to the machine that kept him alive, I brushed my hand over it to see if anyone would pay attention, but they were all too busy watching the surgery being performed, so I took the advantage and finally, unplugged the wire, setting off that refreshing beeping sound that announced the death of that wicked boy...

Oh Sehun.

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