Chapter 1.

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"Sarang! Park Sarang!" I was walking down the school's hallway when a familiar voice called from behind, I turned around and saw my bestfriend, Luhan, jogging towards me with a guitar case in his hand. Oh not again! 

"I don't even know why you bother bringing along when you know you'll forget it." He said after he came to a stop in front of me and handed me the guitar case. We had a music class earlier and I seemed to have forgotten my instrument there. Silly me! The thing was, I didn't really like playing instruments, I just loved to sing, that was why I signed up for music class anyway.

"Thanks Luhan! What would I do without you, huh?" I kissed his cheek and took the guitar case from him, he shook his head with a smile on his face before linking his arm with mine, "Let's go!" He exclaimed, it was time for our English class, which was right before lunch time. 

As for me, I liked English class, but couldn't say that the same thing goes for Luhan. 

After walking into the spacious class room, each of us took a seat, I sat in the second row next to a girl named Lee Min, while Luhan and our friend Suho sat in the third row right behind us ,the teacher wasn't here yet, which gave me the time to turn around and have a small chat with the boys.

"So how was your summer vacation, Suho?" I asked. Today was our first day as high school seniors. Pretty awesome, huh?  Suho looked at me sheepishly before replying, "it was good, thanks Sarang, haven't seen a lot of you during it -I mean yeah! it was good!" he sounded a bit too happy there, or was he?

Well, It's been rumored, or so to speak, Luhan once told me that Suho has been crushing on me ever since the 8th grade and to be honest, I did notice that he cares for me a bit more than he did for the other girls in our year, but he never said anything about it, and neither did I. 

As for Luhan, he's been my best friend ever since the 1st grade, and it all started when he walked up to me during our lunch break and asked me to be his sister. Of course, my natural reaction would be to push him away and call him crazy, which I did, but that boy just never gave up. Since he was an only child, he kept asking me day after day until I finally said yes just to get rid of him, and little did I know, he'd became one of the most important people in my life, that silly goose.

"Yeah, sorry I was out of town with my mom, she had to work and took me along with her" I said with a smile then heard Luhan snorting beside him and turned to glare at him, "Something wrong, Han?" I asked, still glaring. 

Luhan started laughing into his palm for a bit before casually crossing his arms over his chest "Nah, everything's good, Sarang. What was that again?" He asked with a raised eyebrow.He was messing with me! It wasn't like I had lied to Suho, I really was out of town, but only for a couple of days and Luhan knew that because he was always at my house, he practically lives there from how often he swings by and my mom absolutely doesn't mind it though, especially since she thinks of him as her own son.

When I came back to town, I didn't attend any of the parties my other friends had thrown, and the reason for that was because of the Three Silicones, which consists of: Kim Nara, Bae Semmi and Choi Yunji

We call them the Three Silicones, because one: they've had more plastic surgery done than any Kpop artist you see on T.V. Two: because they're fake inwardly and outwardly, and three: there are three of them. 

Just when I was about to reply to Luhan's obvious question, our teacher Mr. Im walked in, and we all sat up straight in our seats "Goodmorning class." Mr. Im greeted as he placed the book in his hand on top of the desk behind him before leaning against it. 

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