Chapter 25.

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"What is your relation to the patient?" the guard asked the two young men who stood before him, one of them looked exactly like their late grandfather while the other one had the soft looks of his grandmother's.

"We're her grandsons."  The boy that resembles his grandmother said, he was so good looking that the female nurses couldn't keep their eyes off him, but that doesn't mean that his twin brother wasn't just as handsome. It was because he didn't like the attention that was given to him while his twin surely appreciated it, yet again, he wasn't the one with the beautiful girlfriend waiting for him at home.

"Your ID's please?" The guard asked, and both of them took out their wallets and handed him their ID's that identified them as Oh Sehun and Oh Han.

"Go in." The guard finally said, and then ushered for the other guard to let them inside the patient's room. Sehun and Han followed the guard's steps until they finally reached Lu Sojin's room, he unlocked the door for them and Han was the first one to step inside.

Once they were both inside, Han squeezed his twin brother's arm to check if he was fine with this, since he knew how sensitive his brother was to these kind of places, he was afraid he'd have another episode due to his childhood's trauma. But Sehun assured his brother with a gentle smile, and Han nodded at him, both young men stood opposite the woman they came to see, they used to call her Nana at some point in their lives, but now they don't feel a thing towards her, not even a family connection as she was the one responsible for all the hardships they faced throughout their lives.

It wasn't Han's idea to come here, it was Sehun's, the one who had it worse out of the them, even though he was happily dating the love of his life and was finally able to live a normal life, he still felt as if he had some unfinished business left with Lu Sojin.

"Are you here to drug me?" the old woman spoke, Han noticed that she completely changed from how she used to look just a few months ago, her eyes that once had a smart gleam to them were now looking dull and unfocused, as if they held no life in them, her hair was now full white and she seemed to lose quite a lot of it over the past months, he can almost see her scalp beneath, and her fragile physique looked even more weaker than he could remember.

"No we're not, don't you recognize us?" Han asked, he walked slowly to where she was sitting on her bed while Sehun chose to stand at the door. She shook her head at him. "I killed my boy!" she said with crazy eyes that proved her instability, and he knew that she meant him, but he couldn't get himself to sympathize with her.

"He wasn't the only one you killed." He said coolly as he stopped just inches away from her bed. She patted the spot next to her, telling him to come sit next to her on the bed, but he shook his head. "Not today, nana, not ever." He hadn't said that word in a while, and saying it after all this time, moved something in him, but it wasn't much.

"You don't even recognize me, Sojin?" Sehun asked as he moved away from the door and lowered his eyebrows at her, she freaked out and started screaming while crawling back on the bed to get as further away from him as possible, until she finally hit the brick wall behind her where she couldn't back out anymore.

"Master, please, please don't hurt me, I will do whatever." She kneeled on the bed and started rubbing her hands together, begging for mercy, "please, sir Lu, spare me, please." she kept begging and that's when both boys realized that she thought Sehun was their dead grandfather, after they were both released from the hospital four months ago, they met up with Sojin's lawyer who told them everything before he turned himself in and was arrested for being Lu Sojin's partner in crime, and also a corrupt lawyer.

"Sehun," Han reached for his twin brother whose fists started shaking by his sides due to outrage, and pulled him a few steps back. "She is not worth it." He told him, but it didn't affect Sehun at all, and he slowly reached for the back of his pocket, pulling out a small black pistole gun, which caused Han to jump at him and drop the gun from his hand. "You can't do that! don't ruin your life because of her!" He said, but Sehun kept glaring eyes on Lu Sojin who was shaking just a few feet away from him, he reached for the gun again, but Han kicked it away with his feet. "Han let me be! this witch tried to kill me twice and she almost killed you! let me put my mind to rest, please!" he reached for the gun again, but Han blocked his way by standing infront of him, but Sehun pushed past him.

"Sehun! think of Sarang, of me, of all those who love and care about you! don't do this!" Han tried with all his might to change his brother's mind, but all that Sehun managed to say was, "tell Sarang that I love her, and I love you, Han, but I can't seem to continue living my life knowing that this witch is alive!" 

"You love us? Sehun, love is about protecting those who you love and care for, who would be there to protect Sarang once you're locked up in prison? and what about me?" Sehun was striked by his brother's words, he stopped fighting to get the gun, and stared at his brother, what shocked him the most was the fact that his dear friend Tao had told him the same thing when it was just the two of them against the world. I love you, and care for you. Love is about protecting those who you love and care for, and that's us. He had said.

Just when Sehun sighed in defeat and bowed his head down, the sound of a gunshot startled both of them and Sehun's first instinct was to make his brother duck down and throw himself at him to protect him, but neither of the two was shot.

When Sehun made sure that his brother was okay, his eyes moved behind him and witnessed the most horrifying sight he had seen since the death of Sarang's father; Lu Sojin's head was bowed down and blood was splashed against the wall behind her, while her hand loosened its grip on the gun she was holding.

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