Chapter 16. [Part 2]

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"Sarang?"  Sehun's eyes widened upon seeing me, and he looked quite puzzled. "How did you even know where I live? oh god," he said then stepped out and closed the door behind him, seeming as if he were trying to hide something from me. "You should not be here, Sarang." He said, and rubbed the area between his eyebrows in frustration. I was still trying to think of a way to explain why would I even come to his house at such time.

"Nurse Junhee." I said before realizing, then quickly clapped a hand over my mouth. "The nurse from our schoo-" "Are you busy with someone?" I cut him off, and couldn't seem to keep the jealousy out of my voice as I asked. You came here for a purpose! Do I need to remind you? my subconscious argued. She was right, I wasn't here because of my feelings for Sehun, I was here to warn him, to tell him that something awful might happen and It's all because of me...

"Are you being jealous right now?" his flustered expressions changed into an amused one, and he seemingly relaxed. But I, on the other hand..."No. I don't care what you do." I lied "I only came here to tell you something, do you have time?" He tensed. And I noticed his face changing colors the more I talked. Something was definitely up with him.

"Uh," he glanced back at the front door of his warehouse, and I wondered if the inside would match the one from my dream...

"You really can't be here right now. Can we talk tomorrow?" He repeated and that was when I noticed a fresh looking black eye. All of his other wounds from today's fight at the school's cafeteria were healing, but not this one. He was punched again. "Oh my god! who did this to you?!" I ought to touch it when he pulled out of my reach. "Please, leave." He said, then turned his back to me to walk back into the house, I grabbed his arm to stop him.

"No! I'm not going anywhere until you tell me what or who you're hiding inside! you're in danger. You hear me? I need to protect you!" I didn't realize that I was shaking until the words came out and I felt a rush of cold through my body. I was so fed up with his nonchalance and unbelievable behavior.

He slowly turned around to face me. "You"  he pointed at me with a smirk "need to protect me?" he pointed to himself, "because you think I am the one in danger?" he looked fully amused now as he laughed softly to himself. Was I missing something?

"Yes." I stuck my chin in the air. I sounded petulant, but didn't give a damn about it. He stopped laughing and lowered his eyebrows at me as he came closer. My breathing hitched. "You think you know everything, don't you?" Sehun was quite taller than I was, so I had to step back in order to look at his face. "As a matter of fact, I do." I said with a contended smile and tried to keep my nerves calm around him. He chuckled.

"News flash, sassy, you don't know shit." He said ever so gently, and it almost didn't sound as insulting as it was supposed to. Almost. His hand came up to brush the side of my face, exactly the way it did when I thought he was in my house last night, but he wasn't...

"Such a naive little girl." His hand moved down, and started tracing my lips as he spoke. I couldn't control how fast my heart was beating under his touch. Yet  I wanted to push him away, he was keeping so many things from me, but what power do I have when both Sehun and I know that he is in charge? "You keep imagining stuff that didn't happen," he said as a pointer to what I told him in chemistry class this morning, "and you just can't stay out of trouble, can you?" he sounded dead cold now, and I tried pulling away from his touch but he didn't let me. "I'm not done yet, don't you want to know the truth? isn't that why you're here?" he asked, his eyes were pitch black as they searched my face, not a tiny bit of gentleness was left in them, and it scared me. He scared me.

"I'll take your silence as a yes, now as I was saying," he continued, "not meaning to be rude or anything, but since I'm proven to be the mentally ill one here, I can speak from experience that you, Park Sarang, are the same as me." His eyes suddenly softed as he said the last sentence, but it didn't last for long. "W-what do you mean?" my voice cracked as I asked. Keep it together, Sarang!

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