Chapter 3.

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"You sure you're okay, Sarang?" Mrs.Choi asked for the tenth time since we entered the nurse's office, I nodded at her with a small smile before saying, "Yes, Mrs.Choi, thank you" She looked relieved, but not entirely. Our school's nurse, Junhee said that fortunately, I have no broken teeth or any serious damage concerning that area, she gave me a cold ice pack to press lightly against my swollen cheek. 

Mrs. Choi left the room for a bit, and I started looking around for the guy who saved me, "Where is Sehun?" I asked the nurse who looked at me with confused expressions, "Sehun?" she asked, and I slowly nodded. 

"I didn't see anyone named Sehun here, it was just you and Mrs.Choi, Sarang" She said, and I felt my scalp prickle. Sehun was there, he saved me. Where the hell did he go? "Okay" I said softly just as Mrs.Choi walked back into the room. 

"Sarang, can you tell me who hit you?" She asked once she reached the bed I was sitting on, and I looked down at my fingers, not wanting to meet her eyes when I lie to her face "No one did" I said, and she let out a heavy sigh, "Sarang." She said more sternly, "Did..." She trailed off for a bit before continuing, "....Sehun, hit you?" She asked on a whisper and my eyes shot up to meet hers, surprised by her question. Why'd she think that? Sehun would never do that! 

You don't even know him. My subconscious sneered at me and I sighed in defeat. It was true that I didn't know him, but I did know that he was not the one who hit me. Has Sehun hit a girl before? is that why Mrs.Choi was suspecting him? I found myself thinking. Oh, crazy me.

"Sarang..." Mrs.Choi started and brought me back to reality, "Was it him?" She asked again, and I let out the breath I was holding for God knew how long while shaking my head from side to side. I couldn't do that to Sehun, even if the Silicones decided to murder me for ratting them out, I'd never accuse an innocent person for something they didn't do. My mom taught me that.

"It wasn't him..." I said, hoping that she'd buy whatever lie I was going to feed her next, "I tried to pull open one of the class's windows and it was stuck, so I pulled too hard and was smacked by the frame, and it hit my face," I looked at Mrs.Choi to gauge her reaction, she didn't give anything away, so I continued, "And then, Sehun walked in to get his...Uh, pen, that he'd let me borrow and found me there" I finished, hoping that my face matched my words and didn't give me away. 

"Then why were you sitting on a chair in the middle of the classroom if you were standing by the window?" Crap! 

"Because Sehun wanted to bring me to the nurse's office and I said no, so he pulled out a chair and told me sit on it until I feel better"  I said with my eyes locked on hers. She broke eye contact and looked around the room for a moment before rubbing a frustrated hand over her face. 

"Okay, Sarang. Next time, make sure to stay away from windows"  She said, and relief washed over me as she finally stopped asking her 20 questions.

"Sure Mrs. Choi" I said, and she rubbed my back with a tight smile before finally exiting the room, and I let out a deep sigh. 

I lied down on the bed, I was alone now with no signs of nurse Junhee and looked down at my hand watch as it read 1:50 P.M, which meant that we'd be dismissed soon. I've been stuck here for quite a while, I see. I stared up at the ceiling, a lot of things running through my mind at once, atop of them was Sehun, why did he come back to class? I thought about it for a few more minutes and then it hit me, probably because he did want to get his pen backI shook my head to clear it up. Of course, or why would he be there after the class was finished anyway? However, I was thankful for having him there. 

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