Chapter 23.

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I was pacing back and forth three rooms down from where the others were, I needed my space, at the same time I couldn't just leave. Something was really bothering me but I couldn't put my finger on it, it's as if it sliced through me but I was too blind to see it, and when I-

"NO!!" A sharp scream pierced through my ears and I saw the same old woman from before running down the corridor and in my way, something in my mind clicked and I blocked her way, and after doing so, a couple of nurses reached us and one of them quickly drugged her so she won't make try to run away, the woman collapsed in their arms and her mask was taken off to reveal Lu Sojin behind it. 

I was speechless, my hand placed over my mouth from how shocked I was, and few minutes later, a team of two security guards came and helped the male nurses. I stood infront of Lu Sojin and started shaking her, but they moved my hands away and told me to move out of their way, but I found myself yelling at her. 

"What did you do you old witch?! why was she in there? somebody tell me!" 

"Miss Park, it's all under control." Detective Kim said as he walked towards us with a walky talky in his left hand, I looked between him and the security guards as they handcuffed Lu Sojin and dragged her down the entire corridor and out of my sight. I was left with one thought in my mind.

"Sehun?! Detective, what happened to Sehun? why was she there?!" and when he didn't answer me, I ran to where the others were and found the silicones crying, along with my mom, while the others stood dumbfounded as they listened to what one of the medical team member was saying, "we lost him. She unplugged the machine that kept him alive and we tried to-"

"Who?" my voice came out unrecognizable as it was laced with agony and fear. The young woman looked breifly at the ground before meeting my gaze and I asked again, this time firmer.

"We lost Luhan."


Lu Sojin's P.O.V (Grandmother) :

I woke up in a dark room where the only source of light in it was coming through a small window at the top left, I sat up and the bed underneath me squealed under my weight, it was as rotten as they could come. I looked around to make out my surroundings and once I was done, a mischievous smile crept on my face, I was inside a prison cell, which could only mean one thing; I finally managed to kill Oh Sehun.

I wasn't that worried of what would happen to me next since I have the best lawyers in the entire town who could probably get me out of here without me having to say one word, although that could be a little bit hard since they saw me actually committing the crime. Oh you manage to disturb my peace even when you're dead, Oh Sehun.

"Lu Sojin, you have a visitor." the prison guard said and I stood on my feet and with a bright smile, walked to him as he escorted me to see my visitor who was probably my lawyer.

And I was right.

"You only get ten minutes." The prison guard said as he opened the door for me to walk inside the room where my lawyer was sitting, I nodded at him, with the same smile from earlier still on my face. Oh, what a wonderful day it is.

As soon as I settled in the chair opposite my lawyer, the guard closed the door. 

"So, what good news do you have for me?" I said, but noticed how his face was dark and gloomy.

"Well? you can't be sad that I killed him, right?" I said with a small laugh, but he didn't even smile.

"You killed the wrong person."

"I'm sorry, what?" I said with a nervous laugh. Refusing to believe what he was about to say next.

"You didn't kill Oh Sehun, you murdered Luh-"

"Shut it."  I said. My entire body refusing to hear such nonesense, I was hundred percent sure that I unplugged Sehun's machine and not my baby boy's.

"Tell me when you could get me out of here, I doubt anyone would care for the death of an insane boy." 

"You didn't kill the insane boy."

"Oh here we go again with your stupidty, were you there when all of it happened? no, so-"

"Lu Sojin! You killed your own grandson!" He said loudly and I didn't appreciate his tone of voice, but couldn't help but burst into laughter.

"He was never my grandson to begin with, Luhan is, are they performing his surgery with the other donor now?" I asked, and he started wiping the bead of sweat that formed on his forehead, then loosened his tie before pulling out some paper from his suitcase and place it on the table between us.

I pulled the paper towards me with a confident smile, could Sehun's death certificate be out already? wow, they're fast.

But it wasn't.

My hand started shaking as I realized it was a piece from an article, an article that I'd never want to read, the word was already out and probably everyone had written about this in their own newspaper, the news channel are probably broadcasting what I've done as we speak, but no, this wasn't it, this definitely was not it.

"You fabricate articles now?" I asked, my mind still not accepting what I have read. It never will.

He shook his head at me and wetted his lips before saying, "You've brought it all on yourself, Lu Sojin."

I couldn't believe how cold he sounded, he was the only man who stood by my side through all those years, he always managed to have my back even when I decided to murder my husband, because he knew, he knew how awful that man was and that we needed to wipe him off the face of the earth, just like what I did with his grandson...

"You can't speak to me like that-"

"I can and will. You malicious woman, you've killed an innocent boy because of your greed, your ignorance and your mental issues, you are the one who needs to be admitted into a mental institution, I shouldn't have listened to you back then when you wanted to put an end to that poor boy's life when he was just eight years old!"

"Don't you dare to continue-"

"Shut it! you've destroyed the lives of many, and what? you thought your husband was the only bad guy? you're worse than him, no, you're ten times worse than him, you're the definition of evil, and hatred and Ruthlessness! Luhan is gone now because of you!"

I slapped a hand on the table, and pushed away from it to stand up.

"Don't you dare telling me Luhan is dead, I did not kill my grandson, I killed evil!"

"You killed him, you killed him!" He was standing on his feet too and was poiting at me while throwing empty accusations. I laughed even harder.

"I know what I've done." I said, still laughing and tearing up at the same time.

"I'm glad you do, because this isn't where you'll end up for the rest of your life." He said, and I stopped laughing.

"What do you mean? I'm already out?" 

He laughed a throaty laugh and regarded me carefully, "never, you'll pay for everything you've done."

"But you said you'd get me out of here!" 

"I will, but only to put you in the only place where you belong." He coldly said, and my stomach suddenly dropped.

"My home?"

He ignored me as he laughed while shaking his head, before calling for the guard who was standing right outside.

"Our ten minutes are up, please take Mrs. Lu back to her cell." He told him.

"Wait! what are you going to do to me?! wait!" I struggled to say as I got dragged out of the room.

But his laughter was the only thing I heard as the door between us was shut with him standing on the other side of it.

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