Chapter 17.

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I was scolded by my mom the minute I got into the house, I did nothing but apologizing the entire way up to my room, while she went on and on about how tiring it was for her to raise me as a single mom, but there was nothing I could do, not when I had a file this big in my hands that could put the pieces together once and for all.

I apologized one more time before closing the door to my bedroom and sat on my bed, I shook my head at the box, Tao freaked the hell out of me by his notes, and then I remembered the teddy bear, the one with the blood stains on it, could it possibly be the dead man's? or had Tao decided to go over the top and splash some red coloring on it to freak me out even more? that crazy guy. I pulled the note out of my back pocket and read it again "You will watch him pay for their mistakes. Blood for blood" I mocked his voice and laughed, I can't believe he'd go this far just to scare me away,

I put the file right in front of me on the bed before taking a deep breath, I didn't know what was inside it so I might as well have enough oxygen in my lungs just in case. The first few pages had the fake medical records, so I skipped them with a huff, the fifth page cought my attention but the writing was so hard to make out, and I could tell that it belonged to a kid, Sehun.

This wasn't just any file that Tao wanted me to see, it was more like a diary, ripped pages of a diary if not all of it, the pages were inserted into the transparant pockets of the file, and I kept going through them one by one as each page revealed a new side to Oh Sehun.


Lu Han's P.O.V

"Do you need anything else Mr. Han?" Junhee asked, and I couldn't help the small laughed that escaped me, everyone, including my own bestfriend thought that Junhee and I were dating, while in fact, she meant absolutely nothing to me. A lot of things, and people, didn't mean anything to me, I felt betrayed, hurt, and even outraged. This wasn't how I planned my life to be, this wasn't the way of how I wanted to leave...

"I'm fine." I shot back, completely irritated. She was around too much and I hated it, I hated how this hospital room made me feel like, I hated the way the people looked at me everytime I came here for the past five months.

"Are you sure you're fine?" Junhee asked again, I know it's her job to act concerned, but I wasn't buying any of it. "What are you still doing here?" I said almost too calmly, which meant that if she kept pushing me, I'd eventually burst, and that's never good.

"I-" she begun, "I think we have to shave all your hair off, Mr. Han, it's getting bad, and we need to start again with the chemo-" I didn't let her finish as I surprisingly laughed.

"Do you think that I care about this piece of shit that I have on my head? burn it if you want, just get the fuck away from me." I spat. 

"Please, don't do-"

And within seconds, I had Junhee pinned to the wall behind her, and me trapping her with both of my palms on either side of her face. Oh, how she looked so vulnerable. "Tell me what you want from me? huh? do you want this?" I slowly, teasingly skimmed over her collar bone with my thumb, she flinched. "Why are you shutting up now, Junhee? have you bought the rumors too? you think we're actually dating?" when I saw that she wasn't going to answer, I smacked the wall with my palm behind her, but she managed to hold my gaze this time, like an outspoken challenge. 

This was grossing me out more than anything. Since when have I became this jerk off that I'm being right now? since when have I stopped caring about those who are around me and only cared for my needs? "even when I'm this sick, you still want me?" I asked in rushed out breaths. Junhee's face softened for a moment. I couldn't believe what I had just said, Junhee was my personal nurse, but she wasn't meant to be anything more. No one was.

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