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Year: 2039. 

Han Jr was driving his luxurious sports car on the freeway with his twin brother Tao Jr sitting in the passenger's seat next to him while they headed to their weekly family dinner night, Tao had asked his twin if he could pick him up on his way back from the college dorms since they both entered two different schools with Han being a medical student and Tao a future prosecutor. The two young men were discussing school and girls, which made Han pay less attention to the road.

"Wait, wait, wait, she's the daughter of whom?" Han asked, his eyes going back and forth between the road and his brother.

"Eyes on road." Tao said sternly before continuing, he was two minutes older than him after all. "I said she's the daughter of that short uncle who we lost touch with, Suho?"

"She's the daughter of uncle Suho? are you fucking nuts?" Han said as he glared at his brother from the corner of his eye, "you can't date her, you're a player, and she's well-"

"I can date whoever I want, what is wrong with you, eyes on the road!" Tao replied.

"No, no you don't get it," Han started again, "that uncle used to love our mom, the only reason he stopped coming over was probably because he saw your fat ass running around the house and pooping everywhere which made him finally give up and realize 'well, Sarang has surely moved on!' He finished, Tao smirked at him and shook his head at his brother's stupid analysis. "Did you forget the fact that his wife was already pregnant with their child at that time, which kind of explains why me and her are in the same year?" Tao reasoned which made Han drag his hand over his face, completely hopeless.

"Fine, date her, I can't wait to get home and tell dad all about it." He threatened in a playful manner but Tao slapped the back of his head, causing him to yelp.

"You know, maybe -Han look out!" Han lost control over the car when a big truck suddenly appearred in their way, and he turned the driving wheel to the far left, and hit the brake, and just as the big truck was about to crash into them, they both closed their eyes, ready for the huge impact...That never happened.

Han started feeling up his brother's body next to him to make sure he was alright, but Tao slapped his hand away, and told him to open his eyes, and when he did, he saw that the truck was standing mere inches away from them, and he exhaled heavily, then leaned his head against the driving wheel.

"Dude." Tao suddenly spoke. "That was pretty insane."

Han looked at him from under his eyelashes, "tell me about it."


"Mom, dad, we're home!" the young man said in unison as they walked into their family house, their mother who had just turned forty-four last month, hugged them both at the same time. Her expressions calm and relieved. "Oh my dear boys, why were you so late!" she scolded them and they both chuckled nervously at her, not daring to mention the almost car accident that would surely drive her insane if she ever found out about it.

"Honey, it's set." Their dad walked up to him and hugged both of them in a man's hug, then wrapped his arm around his wife's shoulders as she looked up at him with confusion.

"What is set?" 

"The boys take after me, look how handsome they become! Alright you two, go inside so you could tell me all about the girls you've met." The boys laughed when their mother pinched their dad's arm at the mention of other girls, she didn't like the fact that her boys never brought their girlfriends home and introduced them to her. Except for the ones they met in elementary school, those were always around.

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