1. 1999 (ironman 3)

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Important read the description of the book, this is part 2 of the book so to get a better understanding of this story please go ahead & read part 1 (I love you 3000) from my profile.

This story is from Coco's point of view & how she sees the world around her & Tony, so it's going to be quite different from the movies & most of the major fight scenes will not be there since she's not part of the Avengers.
PG -16
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The year was 1999 New Year's Eve in NYC, my brother Ryan was dating this girl by the name Jessica. I clearly remember him meeting her on our Christmas vacay to Switzerland but maybe their flirting got a little too intense that they started to date & she even flew over to NYC to spend the new year eve with us, what a modern day Romeo & Juliet I should say. My family always traveled to one place or the other every holiday & this year it was in Switzerland, we pick random places depending on our Christmas theme every year & the worst part about our vacay is Tony Stark as long as I could remember he has been joining us in these family vacations. I know he's a part of us because of my grams & his father's friendship but I really can't stand this man most of the times.

It was freezing cold outside as I peeped out of my bedroom window, the snow has covered the place like a beautiful white blanket. I couldn't wait to go skiing & build a snow man like I always do when it snows, Cindy couldn't join us this time even though I forced her to as her own family had a different vacay planned ahead of time. So it just leads me back to my brother Ryan his new fling Jessica, Tony & his random women that he might pick up any moment now as my dad & grams are not going to leave the resort that's what I know for sure. Can't blame them though, with age we become comfortably lazy.

"Want a lift?" Tony smirked as he came out of this brand new Audi SUV, it's like he owns Audi at times because of his collection of Audi's.

"Hah! I'm capable of finding my own ride" I muttered "then go ahead with the love birds" he chuckled as he put on his glasses, I turned around & saw Ryan & Jessica all over each other in the car behind me.

"I'm coming with you" I mumbled as he opened the door of the car like a gentleman "you don't have to act nice, you know" I said as I put on my seatbelt "why do you say that?" he sniffed as he started the car & by the next minute we were flying in the snow covered streets "fuck! Tony...I don't want to die, slow down" I yelled as he gazed at me "you scared?"

"This is not funny" I complained as he slowed down the pace "okay babe".

"I'm not your babe" I looked at him.

"One day you will be" he smirked.

"I'd rather kill myself" I hissed as he giggled "angry lady, take a chill pill".

It was snowing heavily & we couldn't go skiing what a hard luck, all those efforts gone to waste especially the car ride with Tony & now I've to ride back with him cos my brother & Jessica were lost somewhere & the phone service was down maybe a storm is coming our way & we have to halt, so the horror continues with Tony. We halted outside a very cozy & warm cafe that outlooks the massive mountains around it, it smelled like fresh brewed coffee & I loved that scent. We took the corner seat as I removed my beanie & tied my hair up in a bun as Tony smiled "your cheeks looks rosy & so does your nose" as I chuckled "yours as well, Mr Stark".

"But you look cute, in a beautiful kind of way" he said gently as I avoided eye contact "stop that, it's not going to work on me you know".

"What's not going to work?" He asked.

"Your charms, playboy" I murmured.

"So you mean, I'm charming?" he smirked.

"I didn't say that" I muttered.

"You just admitted" he grinned as I rolled my eyes "you win".

"So, you think I'm charming & what more?" he smirked widely.

"And I think you are a really stubborn, self-centred womaniser" I said.

"Well, everyone have their own opinions" he looked down on the menu "your boyfriend, who is it Sam or whatever is no gem either".

"Don't drag him into this" I clenched my jaws as he handed me his phone "See for yourself" as I saw the footage of my present boyfriend in the club making out with some dancers "what the fuck!" I said under my breath as I saw that, I wanted to scream & shout as well as cry my eyes out but I didn't. I gently placed the phone down & gazed at the menu holding back my tears.

"It's okay babe, let it out" he spoke gently as he hold my hand "I'll have an cappuccino, with lemon tarts" I said as I stood up & left for the washroom to calm myself down because I didn't want Tony to see that I was upset about Sam, as I came out of the washroom Tony wasn't there anymore maybe he left for the washroom as well I thought as I took my seat. No time to waste my tears on that cheater Sam, I made up my mind as I tried to be as cool as possible it's Christmas season & I want to be happy & its 1999 for god sake in some days it will be the year 2000. We had our coffee in silence as both of us didn't want to talk about Sam but as soon as we finished the waiter came & said he had our seats ready "ready for what?" I asked but Tony just smiled & grab hold of my hand as we followed the waiter into a living area where there were some recliners & a projector, I just took a seat not knowing what was going to be played then the STAR WARS movie starts playing THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK that was my favourite movie of all time "oh my god! You did this" I looked at Tony as he nodded & smiled "what better way, to wait out the storm" but in the back of my mind I knew, he did this because he wanted me to forget about Sam & have a good vacay & even though sometimes he's an ass at the end of the day Tony Stark do have a heart.

New Year's Eve was finally here & as always New York was the place to be, to welcome the new year at Times Square but this time it was bigger than ever since we were all moving into a new era leaving the old era behind. Well, I was thrilled to be a part of this new beginning of course. As usual the three of us were at the same place & time but instead of a fling Tony had Happy his personal body guard with him. It was weird but I guess he was trying not to be a playboy the next year, if something like that was even possible. We were loitering around the streets as everyone was in their New year spirit except Ryan & Jessica who got lost in the crowd or maybe they just slipped away like they always do. Tony suggested we head back to his hotel room for a drink & I usually would turn down the invite but since he has been a support after what happened between me & Sam I agreed. As we headed back to the hotel, I spotted this tiny little Christmas shop & I had to make a quick stop because I really wanted to get the pink nutcracker that was displayed. Tony & Happy waited outside smoking their cigars while I payed the bill for the nutcracker but then to the shock of my life I came face to face with Sam, maybe he was following me from the start or maybe this was a coincidence I didn't know but before I could react he pulled me into a kiss as I went numb. I didn't know what to even say or do, I just backed away & looked at him in horror "what the fuck?" as he started to apologise I grab my nutcracker pushed him aside & walked out of the shop "where's Tony?" I asked Happy as he responded "he left".

I was kind of confused why he left but me & Happy made our way to the hotel together in silence then as we reached the lobby I saw him with a bunch of ladies laughing as he put his arms around two of them, I just ignored them as I walked towards the elevator as Tony yelled "happy new year, Coco" as he kissed one of them as I just nodded & closed the elevator door behind. It was impossible to understand Tony Stark one minute he's kind & the next an ass, a minute he's into you & then he's not, a minute you feel like he has changed the next he's the same old playboy.

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