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Avengers Preferences and Imagines! (Book One) | EDITS COMPLETE | REQUESTS CLOSED by hungergames36
Avengers Preferences and an amazing person
Features: Tony Stark, Steve Rogers, Bruce Banner, Thor Odinson, Clint Barton, Bucky Barnes, Loki Odinson, Pietro Maximoff, Peter Parker, Sam Wilson, T'Challa Udaku, Scot...
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The Boy Born From the Sea by Yukimoto-Namikaze
The Boy Born From the Seaby Yuki
AKA: Percy Adopts Everything WARNING! YAOI IS IN THIS STORY! (Yaoi = Boy x Boy) Tony/Percy/Bucky In this story, Percy is nineteen, Tony is twenty four, and Bucky is twen...
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Heroes meet Heroes by _that_dam_demigod_
Heroes meet Heroesby Monica
((UNFINISHED! Read Best Friends! This is kinda a book after it, you'll figure it out:) )) The seven, Nico, Ashley, Monica, Bri, and Will, are called to do their hero dut...
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The avengers chat! by theseventhavenger_
The avengers chat!by solidfuckinggold
So this is what happens when The Avengers ( and other people :3 ) chat with eachother. Please comment what you think about it! And no matter how much I want to, I do sad...
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Marvel Imagines and Preferences by indiemusic1998
Marvel Imagines and Preferencesby indiemusic1998
This book will contain preferences and imagines of the characters in the Marvel world... Send in your request
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Trust me, Brucy  [The Avengers/Marvel] by UnicornBacon0o0
Trust me, Brucy [The Avengers/ Unicorn Baconstrips
This one-shot is for the FanficFriday, a contest from Wattpad Fiction. Tony Stark and Bruce Banner go to a bar. What will happen? That's the question to ask. to see what...
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A Doctor's SHIELD by Scarlett_Ink
A Doctor's SHIELDby #MarchForOurLives
While the 10th Doctor is in the TARDIS things go wrong as he is thrusted into a parallel universe. In this universe he would meet a team of so called hero's and an organ...
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Mission Impossible by sweetmoon_stars
Mission Impossibleby Rachel
Gwendolen Reed is an assassin trained by a secret society. Once SHEILD captures her and her brother, she meets Captain America in an unusual place. Her cell. She may be...
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The Next Page by selena8712
The Next Pageby D I A M O N
The young naïve little girl I found years ago isn't so little anymore. It's like a whole different chapter of life and all you can do is turn to the next page.
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Preserved and Obscured (Possibly Slow updates) by racefunhorsess
Preserved and Obscured (Possibly Emily O.
Preserved sequel to Changed. Obscured sequel to Preserved PRESERVED: Elise Friggadaughter or Odindaughter otherwise known as Victoria Allen, hero next to Captain America...
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Son of Poseidon? by Ryan_McShizzle
Son of Poseidon?by Ryan_McShizzle
Percy Jackson isn't who you think he is. For on thing, he isn't actually a he. He, is a she. Percy Jackson is Transgender . A girl trapped in a boys body. When she comes...
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Avengers imagines by Lucy1in1the1sky
Avengers imaginesby Lucy of Asgard
I love the avengers so much that I feel a deep desire to share my love with the wattpad world. I will do imagines and preferences for any avenger or maybe more of the ma...
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Avengers One Shots by fahwrenheit
Avengers One Shotsby Wren
Various one-shots that are about the Avengers Disclaimer: I do not own Marvel or the characters
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Mischief Child (Avengers: Loki's Daughter) by QDGFirst
Mischief Child (Avengers: Loki's QDGFirst
Loki is defeated and the world is safe, for now. New dangers threaten the Earth everyday, and the only ones who can defend it are Earth's mightiest heroes, so why are t...
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The Rise And Fall Of A Great Symphony by okJess98
The Rise And Fall Of A Great moschino.mart
The Avengers have a mysterious new addition to the team. Someone with almost... Sinful abilities. Meet Lucy, a petite brunette with sparkling eyes and great taste in mus...
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Sigrún by humphrey1999
Sigrúnby Rikki
Fandral woke up once he felt that Loki wasn't beside him anymore. He pulled his clothes on and started looking. Loki walked for hours....
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Avengers Imagines by AvengingSupernatural
Avengers Imaginesby Kenna
Just some Marvel imagines. I don't own anything to do with Marvel. But feel free to send requests! I have written all these myself. DISCLAIMER: THERE IS NO GUARANTEE I W...
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Silvertongue by Gucciguilty
Silvertongueby Gucciguilty
Twenty three year old Serenity Parker isn't an ordinary girl. After being experimented on as a child by her own father, she has developed the abnormal ability to shift s...
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Checking Thomas Out (A Tom Hiddleston One Shot) by UGottaLoveDraco
Checking Thomas Out (A Tom UGottaLoveDraco
Just a little one shot, written to put a smile on anyone's face. Dedicated to @villainousladyloki
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Green Hearts (Bruce Banner X Reader) by theorksonhd
Green Hearts (Bruce Banner X theorksonhd
When you a doctor at S.H.I.E.L.D. Get assigned to work as a on-base medic at the Avengers headquarters, you are a rank 5 agent (which, surprisingly is the lowest rank ou...
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