30) Wandering

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Dick was currently looking for something interesting to read. Alfred had left to serve tea for them, so that left Dick alone in the large study. It was normal for the most part, he supposed. There was a fireplace, a couple of lounging chairs, and definitely plenty of books to choose from.

Dick continued searching for a book he'd like. Most of the stuff here seemed pretty old and boring, though.

There was a lot of random science-y stuff.


Alexander Hamilton.

Um... Who?

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.

Dick recognized the name Harry Potter from somewhere, but the book looked huge. He'll pass on that one..

Hamlet by William Shakespeare.

Ham? Yum.

Dick opened the book and scanned the lines just to get the gist of it. Within seconds of doing so, he slammed it shut. Was that actually English! Or did he just know less English than he thought? He didn't think thy was a word.. and they misspelled have with hath! Nope, nope, nope. He was not old fashioned enough for whatever that was.

Dick sighed as he picked out another book from the shelve.

Fifty Shades of Grey.

Woah, are there really that many shades of a single color? Ooh, maybe this book was about colors! Finally-! Something that interested him! He was getting desperate enough to read anything, really.

Dick was about to open the book when Alfred walked in with a teapot kettle and two cups. Dick put the book to the side and watched Alfred pour him a glass.

"Thank you." Dick said as the man handed him the drink.

"Be careful, its quite hot." Alfred warned. He sat down on the chair lounging chair across from Dick.

Dick thought he was exaggerating at first but when he brought the drink to his lips, he felt its scalding effect against his lips. "Hot, hot, hot." Dick confirmed aloud.

"Here, put it on the table." The man suggested and gestured to the coffee table between them. Dick eagerly complied.

Alfred held in a chuckle. "Are you alright, Master Dick?"

Dick was currently fanning his face- well, his lips particularly- with his hand. "I think I burned my lips and tongue!" He whined.

"I did warned you," Alfred stated. No one ever listens to the butler. "Would you some cold water or ice?"

"No, no thanks. It's getting better now. I think.." Dick added the last part with a groan.

"I'm sure you'll be fine, sir." Alfred assured. Before taking a sip of tea he asked, "What book have you got there?"

Dick shrugged. "Just a random book I guess. It's called Fifty Shades of Grey."'

Alfred nearly spat out his tea. He swallowed and rested his glass on the table. How long had Bruce had that book?!

"Ah.. I.. I would not recommend that book, Master Dick. I'm sure you'd prefer something.. more suitable for your age." Alfred tried to explain as he got up from his seat.

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