18) Screaming at the Café

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"Oh, wow! Look at you." Selina praised as she observed Dick in his costume. "Aren't you just adorable?"

Dick smiled shyly at her words. He thought he looked cool rather than adorable, though. His black suit matched with Catwoman's, which made them look like a pretty epic team, and although he didn't have googles like her, he still had a mask.

Selina held in her teases, but it was hard to. Dick's appearance made her want to laugh. His sketchers and fluffy, unruled hair along with his small stature contrasted strangely with the dark outfit outfit and weapons he was equipped with. It's looked like Dick was cosplaying for Halloween if anything.

That reminded her...

"You know how I like to use a whip?" Catwoman mentioned and she bent down to grab something from a cabinet besides her.

"Yeah." Dick simply answered as he continued looking at himself in the mirror, striking supposedly cool poses.

"Well, I thought it would be cool if you got you one, too." Catwoman explained. She showed him the bullwhip in her hand. It was smaller than hers, but the same material and color.

Dick gasped. "Woah!" He reached out for it but Selina held her index finger up to signal him to stop and listen.

"This is very dangerous, though. If you were to use an improper technique, you could injure yourself severely. I'm giving it to you so you can use it as a bluff if necessary, but I don't want you to actually try it out until I teach you how." She cautioned seriously.

Dick knitted his eyebrows. "I understand."

Selina ruffled his hair and attached it onto his belt. She couldn't wait to teach him how to use it one day. "I think we're set. Am I forgetting anything?"

Dick put a finger to his chin and thought for a moment. "Oh! Refill Ninja's bowl before we go!"

Selina snapped her fingers. "Right. I'll be back." She informed. She got up and went out with cat food in her hand.

Dick sat on the couch and took out his phone. He had gotten a text from somebody.

[insert number here]

Hello, this is Oswald. Are you receiving this message?

Dick smiled as he replied and made him a contact. It took him a good five minutes to finish typing as he didn't know the placement of all the letters in the keyboard.

🐧 Ozzie

Hello, this is Oswald. Are you receiving this message?

Hi! This is Dick!

I did receive your message!

It seems that our exchanging of numbers worked well. Is the suit
in proper condition?

Yep! Everything's fine. Thanka :)

I mean thanks not thanka. I pressed on the wrong letter

I'm about to go soon so talk to you later!

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