2) Escape

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For the first time in months, Dick woke up excited.

During breakfast, he felt the soreness from yesterday's failure attempt to make friends. Hmph, he thought, who needs them. I'll escape this place. Who'll be laughing then? He thought with a slight smirk.

Gosh, he feels awfully cocky for someone who hasn't actually broken out yet.

Last night he thought it all out. It's pretty cliché, to be honest. He'd follow the normal protocol for the day - well, for the most part. As risky as it may be, he'd try to smuggle a few eating utensils now and at lunch. Just in case. Then, he'd obviously try to avoid any other people at the courtyard; he really didn't need to have more attention on him. After, he'd do whatever the Center has planned.

Here comes the fun part of the plan. At bedtime, he'd use the pillows and blankets to make it seem like he's sleeping there after he's gone. I really hope it works like in the movies I've seen, Dick thought throughout the day. Next, he'd go through the air vents. Sure, he's no ninja, but he's skinny and small enough to fit. Lastly, he'd hatch a ride on the food truck that drops off their meals. Foul tasting meals, Dick added.

If he's being honest, he doesn't know what he'll do afterwards. Will I be homeless? Just living in the streets? He asked himself. It doesn't matter, He thought firmly, as long as I'm not here.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

"Lights out, y'all." A guard yelled.

About time! Dick thought with a combination of sarcasm and glee.

He peeked through the window of his door, nobody was in the hallway right now. Who knows how long that'll last? I better hurry!

He tried his best to replicate his body shape and size onto the bed, but it wasn't really easy considering it's cloth, not clay. This is good enough, he thought eventually.

He took a screwdriver out of the pocket of his uniform. Turns out I am quite the thief, he joked with a silent giggle. He climbed onto the metal bars behind the bed.

A small inconvenience was that when he unscrewed the bolts on the vents, it made a squeaky sound. While it was almost inaudible, it made Dick nervous.

"DUDE, THAT WAS THE LAST ONE!" A voice called out furiously. "Oh, was that too loud?"

Dick's eye widened. Hide! He almost screamed. He abandoned the half opened vent and dropped to the floor as quickly and quietly as he could.

He heard foot steps. They got closer, and closer, and closer, and-

They passed his cell and continued further until he couldn't hear it anymore.

Dick sighed in utter relief. He stayed in his position until he could get his heart to calm down. Afterwards, he went to finish what he started.

Thank goodness, his cell wasn't like a stereotypical jail, or else he could never be doing this.

I can't wait! Dick thought happily. Almost free, almost.

He gently rested the metal on the floor. It's now or never, he thought as he gave his cell one last look.

Once he climb into the vent, he realized that he'd have to be very careful. If he crawled too roughly, others would be able to hear him. If he lost his train if thought for too long, he could make a wrong turn and get lost. It was important that he was focused and had patience.

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