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Batman sighed as he threw himself onto his chair.

It had been a rough night. And as expected, the day started off rough. But then again, when was it not?

He typed into his computer looking for information about the latest crimes. Lately, he has been very keen on finding the boy who had robbed one of the biggest and most protected banks in Gotham. Sure, it was owned by shady people, but that doesn't justify robbing it.

The child had used some expensive technology. This led Batman to believe that he was not working alone. A secret organization must have ordered him to commit the crime. Is he doing this willingly, though? He inquired.

As he continued investigating, a butler walked up to him. "Here's you're coffee, Master Bruce."

"Thanks, Alfred." Bruce muttered.

Alfred noticed the tired look on his face. "I'd recommend you get some shut eye. You look exhausted." He mentioned in his usual British accent.

"I will. I just need to finish a few things. Don't worry about me." He replied.

"If you say so." He said as he walked away. He abruptly stopped and turned back to Bruce. "Master Bruce, have you heard about the circus boy?"

Bruce scrunched his eyebrows. Circus boy? Who is he talki-

Wait. The acrobat?

He looked at Alfred, concerned. "No. What happened?"

The butler looked into Bruce's eyes sadly. "He was put into a Juvenile Detention Center."

Bruce widened his eyes. "What? I admit, I didn't really know him, but he seemed like a nice kid." He commented disappointedly.

Alfred shook his head. "He wasn't placed there because of his behavior. You see, his parents were his only family. After they died, he was supposed to go to an orphanage, but, apparently, they were full. Instead, they sent him there."

Bruce stared at the floor. Gosh..Poor kid.

He opened his mouth to speak but Alfred interrupted. "I'm afraid there's more."

"Two days ago he escaped." He informed. Bruce looked at the man in denial. "No. He couldn't have."

Alfred said nothing in return. He walked up to him and gave him a document. "It was on the news. I went to the police and asked for an official report. I thought you'd want to see for yourself." He explained.

Bruce sighed. He looked up at Alfred gratefully. "You didn't have to. But thank you, I really appreciate it. I might be here for a while, so don't wait up." He stated.

"Alright. Call me if you need anything, Master Bruce." He said and left the hidden compartment.

Bruce redirected his attention on the document in his hands. Once he opened it, he began reading it.

The papers said that the boy, Richard Grayson, had been in the Juvenile Detention Center for almost two months. He had escaped at night unnoticed. In the morning, the guards couldn't find him and realized the vents were opened. He had escaped through the vents. After that, they searched around Gotham, asking people if they had seen a boy which matched his description. A few people said that they saw a young boy roaming the streets in a JDC uniform, but do not know his current whereabouts. Police are currently searching for him.

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