6) Break in

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Dick looked up innocently at penguin, "what do you mean? I'm right on time!"

Penguin face palmed. "What were you even doing out there for so long? I thought you wanted to find a cat and that's all."

"I couldn't find her, okay? Anyways, I'm here now and I'm ready!" Dick said with confidence. He had a gut feeling that he shouldn't tell Oswald about Catwoman.

Anyways, for some reason, after the session he had with Catwoman he felt like he could do anything. Although all he did was learn how to partially block a punch. He wouldn't even be fighting anyone.

"Good. Anthony, go. Dick, change into your suit and get in the car when you're done." He commanded.

Dick could feel his heart race. I'm actually doing this!

He swiftly grabbed the clothing on the counter besides him and entered the bathroom. To be honest, it was pretty tight. It was also completely black.

Hey, this reminds me of Catwoman's suit! Dick thought. She said she sneaks into places, right? Maybe she does this kind of stuff, too. Darn, I should have asked her for advice then!

Dick put on a mask and finished getting dressed. The mask covered his eyes only. He went outside and saw a black sport's car. Wow, with all this black stuff, I feel like a real spy.

He hopped right in the passengers seat.

"Go to the back." The guy named Anthony from earlier growled.

"Okay, okay." Dick whined defensively. Some people are so rude, he huffed.

Anthony turned around. "Everything you need is besides you, to your left. No, your other left. Okay, now get that walkie-talkie. Now, test it out to see if it works." He said.

While Dick inspected the device and looked for the power switch, the car started moving. He pushed the switch and heard static sounds. Then he pressed onto a button and muttered, "hello?"

"Hello, Richard, This is Penguin." Dick could hear the satisfaction in his voice. "Perfect, the radios are working as I had anticipated. Make sure you lower the volume so that only you can hear my voice."

"Right." Dick approved as he put down the sound.

"We're here." Anthony declared.

Already? He looked out the window and saw that they were in the parking lot. Dick gulped. Alrighty then...

Dick took the backpack that was lying next to him and put it on. He fastened the walked-talkie to his belt. He was ready.

"I'll be around the are the whole time. I might have to move to a new spot avoid suspicion, so tell me beforehand when you're leaving with the money, so I can be aware. Got it?"

Dick fiercely nodded.

The driver patted his shoulder. "Good luck, kid."

"Thank you!" Dick expressed as he leaped out of the car. He drove away leaving Dick alone.

It was evening now. The sky was dark and no one was near or in the bank. All the light were off and all the doors were locked. Expected, of course.

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