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United [A Superhero AU] - Book Two by AngelWingInspiration
United [A Superhero AU] - Book Twoby It's Annalise!
[Sequel to Different] Three months ago, a battle that would determine the fate of San Francisco was fought in the streets. Three months ago, the heroes were defeated an...
  • septiplier
  • pewdiepie
  • different
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Hardly A Hero [Slowly Editing] by SkyHunterXoX
Hardly A Hero [Slowly Editing]by theAprilsky🍕
Rose O'Connolly hasn't lead an ordinary life. By day, she roams the halls of her school alongside her best friend, Jazmine. By night, however, she uses her powers to com...
  • superhero
  • supervillains
  • projectsuper
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Villainous by sambalazs
Villainousby Samantha Balazs
"She was fire. She raged. She burned." Delilah is the most wanted criminal in the world. She's also a princess, a deadly one, hell-bent on a path of vengeance...
  • war
  • elementalmagic
  • darkfantasy
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Masks Are Optional by LightenTheShadows
Masks Are Optionalby Lia
BOOK #2 IN THE "SUPERHEROES SUCK" DUOLOGY Tessa Kingston has had one hell of a year. After being forced to plunge headfirst into the world of Supers she'd spen...
  • cliffhangers
  • wattys2018
  • adventure
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I'm not a villain (Hitoshi Shinso x reader) by Awesomelemonaids
I'm not a villain (Hitoshi Awesomelemonaids
Something that no one knows about (Y/n) is that she is the daughter of the most dangerous criminal, his name is 'The shadow puppeteer'. After running away from her life...
  • bakugou
  • angel
  • bnha
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The Royale Wolf by Traicing_Dim_Stars
The Royale Wolfby 지민✨
Aura Evangelynne Starr is a very unique werewolf. She have been gifted numerous powers and an irresistible scent. A mixture of vanilla, caramel and sweet roses. That att...
  • bestfriend
  • humor
  • forest
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Villains Work {Villain!Deku AU} (Book 1) by FairyTailTwists
Villains Work {Villain!Deku AU} ( Lace V. Rose
Izuku was a boy who desired to be a hero. Nothing in the world would alter his mind. Or so he imagined. When Izuku was kidnapped by the Villains, they showed their side...
  • toga
  • shigaraki
  • quriks
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The Number Ones (A Villain Midoriya A.U) by Tomura_Sass
The Number Ones (A Villain Imawi Jannete
A story where Izuku Midoriya loved Villains instead of heroes. He aimed to be the number one Villain amongst all! Izuku wanted despair, war, pain, death, torture etc. Ye...
  • momo
  • izuku
  • villains
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Among the Wicked | Original #Wattys2018 by kmbell92
Among the Wicked | Original K.M. Bell
For as long as they can remember, the children at Owain Corporation have been told that they were sick. Infected with the M-19 virus, the children know they stand a stro...
  • humor
  • prettysureimavillain
  • sick
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Aizawa Shouta x reader x Dabi  by katia_kun
Aizawa Shouta x reader x Dabi by An otaku
[name] is a villain that works under the villain league who despise all might just like Tomura. Thought she meets a lovely pro hero on the way will she fall in love wit...
  • heros
  • superpowers
  • bokunoheroacademia
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Roommates With A Super Villain by catastrophes
Roommates With A Super Villainby Madeleine
When doing the right thing goes oh-so-wrong, Lilian Snyder ends up being forced to live with her city's worst super villain, Obsidian Haze. What they both fail to realiz...
  • roommates
  • teenfiction
  • heroes
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Dragon ball super X Reader~Oneshot~ by pan320
Dragon ball super X Reader~Oneshot~by Black Dawson
Hi ya!!! I am making a oneshot! it will be between characters and reader as well! I hope ya guys enjoy!
  • zenohsama
  • kais
  • romance
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Villain Sight {Villain!Deku AU} (Book 2) by FairyTailTwists
Villain Sight {Villain!Deku AU} ( Lace V. Rose
It's been a year since Izuku chose his fate as a villain. And despite being deaf, he's causing all kinds of trouble for the heroes while being a lovely boyfriend to Dabi...
  • midoriya
  • shigaraki
  • dabixizuku
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Mine by Nanajen8
Mineby Nana
"Why are you ignoring me?" Pan says becoming agitated. I slowly turn around and look him in his forest green eyes and give him a blank expression and say, &quo...
  • peterpan
  • mine
  • ouat
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Drac The Dragon Fée Hero (Boku no hero Academia x Uke! MaleReader) by Auburn0wl
Drac The Dragon Fée Hero (Boku nAoMi
Narcisse M/n, that is you my awesome reader dudes! Gonna be some BL action going on and it's going to be with a character I think needs some more love. More information...
  • possiblesmut
  • katsuki
  • kirishima
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Determination - Boku no Hero Fanfiction | IzuOcha (Complete) by undefmidi
Determination - Boku no Hero undefmidi
[3rd place BNHA Wattys 2017] (COMPLETED) - The 1-A class is having tournaments to test their own abilities, but little do they know that the League of Villains is planni...
  • action
  • izukuxochako
  • deku
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Death Manifest by Skyfyre7012
Death Manifestby
Izuku Midoriya is a boy who has been bullied since a young age. In a world where quirks can cause being quirkless can be hell but what if you were seen to have a villian...
  • allforone
  • fanfiction
  • deku
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One in a million by Ghoul_Toga
One in a millionby Ghoul_Toga
He never really knew he had a quirk or two for that matter, it was activated when he attacked his childhood friend out of rage, soon a black demon speaks with him showin...
  • villains
  • romance
  • teamwork
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XJ → Harry Hook ✔ by abouttoexpplode
XJ → Harry Hook ✔by Top of the mornin'
'It was terrifying to see someone so infuriated that even facial expressions could not convey their emotions. And it was even more terrifying to see that same person wit...
  • evie
  • harryhook
  • relationship
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Change - Boku no Hero Fanfiction | IzuToga by undefmidi
Change - Boku no Hero Fanfiction | undefmidi
The league of villains is planning to look into Izuku's memories to find what kind of connection he has with All Might, but... Is that all they will find? Will Toga find...
  • toga
  • fanfic
  • romance
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