3) The Iceberg Lounge

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Dick hadn't adapted yet to the chatter of Gotham city. After all, last night had seemed so quiet.

It didn't bother him, though. He liked the noise. It meant he didn't stand out too much.

Dick looked at his hand. He had a dollar and two cents. He woke up with the money besides him. He guessed that a pedestrian found him and took pity on him, thinking that he was homeless or something. Well, technically, he is homeless...

There was a rumbling sound. Here's a hint: it came from Dick's stomach.

I wonder if there are any places nearby that sell breakfast for one dollar, he hoped.

There were a lot of stores and restaurants around. One of them had to offer inexpensive stuff, right?

Dick continued walking on the sidewalk, looking around the area to see if anything caught his attention.

He abruptly stopped when he felt something furry brush against his leg.

It was a cat. It had black fur and vibrant green eyes. It was awfully skinny.

"Oh, hey there." Dick cooed. He leaned down and hesitantly reach his hand out to pet it. The cat eagerly pushed its head against his hand. Dick broke out into a grin when he felt the adorable cat purr.

Passer-bys gave him a weird look. Is it because of my clothes or the cat? He wondered. He shrugged it off.

"I guess we both are hungry and lost, huh?" Dick pointed out.

A lady pushing her child in a stroller must have overheard him say that, because she concernedly inquired, "oh my, you're lost, Dear?"

Dick raised his eyebrows, surprised. "U-um, yes. Do you know where I can get some food? Preferably cheap?" He asked. He determined that he should take advantage of this situation.

"Hmm? I might know a place or two. There's a small business that sells noodles for little expense. Do you need any money?" She kindly offered.

Dick felt bad for accepting money from a virtual stranger, but he'd probably need it, so he said yes.

After giving him five dollars and explaining where to turn to get to the noodle place, she questioned him. "Anyways, where are your parents?"

He froze for a second, but quickly recomposed himself. "I'm not sure. We split up somehow. You see, I'm not from Gotham." It wasn't a total lie.

"I see." She sighed tiredly. "Well, Dear, I must get going, but if you don't find your parents soon, please go to the police station. They're downtown." She pointed to the direction that she spoke of.

He nodded. So basically I stay away from there, he thought; the opposite of what the woman said.

"Alright. Thank you very much, Miss." he said appreciatively.

"Oh, no problem, Sweetie." She stated while waving back at him. She made a turn right and left with her infant.

Dick was surprised she didn't notice his clothing, but in no way was he complaining.

Time for some noodles! Dick thought eagerly. He made his way there using the directions the lady gave him. It took a few minutes for him to realize that the cat was following him.

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