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The broken team by itsonlymemoley
The broken teamby itsonlymemoley
After the events of failsafe, the team is broken but not as broken as a certain bird...
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A Basket Full of Bats by Brightanarchy
A Basket Full of Batsby Bright Anarchy
Batman or Batdad?? Terry, Damian, Stephanie, Tim, Jason, Cassie, Carrie all together in one house was probably enough for poor Alfred but then comes someone new and isn...
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On The Edge  by Evil-Bat-Cat
On The Edge by jibber jaybber
Apprentice fic cus they're always great. Don't argue, you know I'm right xD they're so predictable but we love em anyways.
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Dimensional by supernerdy2004
Dimensionalby Supernerdy2004
Little side note, if you read this book, I've changed the age of robin from thirteen to fifteen. It's needed for the sequel The classic of many stories Robin is telepor...
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Here Connor Kent is a female named Caroline Kent with a twists. Here she finds out her three DNA diners. As her ... 'fathers'. Now she has a love story with Dick and Wal...
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The Luck Of Robin by Bobminionunicorn
The Luck Of Robinby gerald_the_cat
I'm too lazy to give one. Joking this story is about Robin (Dick Grayson)'s luck in getting hurt and in trouble.
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Tomorrow Robin by Brightanarchy
Tomorrow Robinby Bright Anarchy
Humanity is evolving and a certain bird is caught at the forefront. Will he be swept away like those who came before him or with Young Justice and the Justice League ca...
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A New Song by Musical_Nerd_99
A New Songby Rachel Witt
What if Dick had never learned English before he came to America and his parents were killed? What would happen if the Young Justice team walked in to training, only to...
Kidnapped by Multifandomgirl06
Kidnappedby MultiFandomGirl06
This story is about Robin ( Dick Grayson ) of course getting kidnapped by a person of his past that he thought he'd never see again, this is a Young Justice story but m...
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Parental Bat Moments by KarinMatthews
Parental Bat Momentsby Karin Matthews
A series of one-shots that shows Bats its just like every other parent...or maybe not. Lots and lots of daddybats fluff! Top Ranking #14 - damianwayne
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Not As Dead As He Thought by Percabeth_Caleo99
Not As Dead As He Thoughtby bookette/ bowlerette/
Dick Grayson had always thought that his parents had died that night at Haley's Circus. What he hadn't considered was that they had been brought back to life through the...
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Survival( a Dick Grayson fan fiction) by nightgirl2021
Survival( a Dick Grayson fan nightgirl2021
What if Robin's new life interferes with his old. A few members of Young Justice and the Justice League come to visit. Will they learn of Slade and the pain he conflicte...
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Meeting the Justice League (Cassandra Cain) by CassCainFanfix
Meeting the Justice League ( Sparkles
This is Cassandra meeting various members of the Justice League, in an AU where Bruce adopted her when she was 8, right after the events in Macau.
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Trust  by Robin280
Trust by MJ
What would happen if Dick Grayson was only six when he was adopted by Bruce Wayne?
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The light in my dark life by DickieGrayson
The light in my dark lifeby Jay
This is a Story about the life of Bruce Wayne after he adopted a 1 year old Dick Grayson
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The Labyrinth  by Blizzardwing47
The Labyrinth by Blizz
There are no aliens, no foreign species, no strange beings from other dimensions here to combat evil beings from darker dimensions. There is just the rift, the slaughter...
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The boy wonder years by Smstika
The boy wonder yearsby batman is my daddy
Bruce wayne tackles raising three young boys who cause all kinds of mischief for the poor bat can he handle it ? Contains some CP
The Superman Onesie by SunflowerSprout
The Superman Onesieby Sunflower
There were certain unspoken agreements in the Justice League; facts that everybody agreed upon but never dared to say out loud. One of these unspoken agreements was that...
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A Bird of Prey by JustANormalCivilian
A Bird of Preyby Not_James_Bond
When the Justice League finds out that Joker is planning something at Gotham Academy, they send Young Justice undercover to investigate. The only problem is that Dick Gr...
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Dick Grayson Brother and Parent To A New Robin by 828957k9p6
Dick Grayson Brother and Parent Maddog Sollender/Percabeth
okay so this is a story of Damian and Dick Grayson but some Daddybats.
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