21) Arcade

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After they changed back into normal clothes and bandaged Dick's wounds, they headed to the Arcade.

Dick made sure he tried every single game. He wanted to win as many tickets as he could for an awesome prize. He also wanted to try to break the highest score in a game.

Selina joined him many times. Sometimes they went in teams and sometimes they were opponents. Over that, though, she preferred watching him play. Seeing him having fun made her feel a strange warmth inside.

They took a break and ate some burgers. As they munched on their food, Selina glimpsed at Dick's injured finger.

She hadn't treated it because was no longer bleeding, but it looked infected and she didn't come prepared with any ointments. "Hey, Dick, how about you head to the bathroom and wash that cut up again?" She suggested.

Dick looked at his wound. "Um, okay." He took one last sip of his soda and went to the bathroom.

Selina finished her food while she waited for Dick. She heard her phone buzz in her pocket. She took it out and checked the number.

It was Bruce.


"Hey, Selina." Bruce greeted. "How's Richard?"

Selina shrugged even though Bruce couldn't see. "He's fine, having a lot of fun. We're at an arcade."

"Oh, really? That's cool." He cleared his throat. "So... have you guys done anything recently that you wanna tell me about?" He asked suspiciously.

Selina widened her eyes.

Does he know? No, there's no way, she thought. If Bruce found out that she had not only gone to the Narrows with Dick, but let him- no- encouraged him to help, and then gotten hurt, he'd kill her.

"What else is there to say? We went over to my place to see Ninja, the cat that he likes. What? Don't trust me, Brucey?" She tried to say as casually as possible. She had to admit, she felt bad lying to Bruce, but this was for Dick. (Remind you of someone??)

Bruce was going to find out anyways, all the evidence was on Dick's body. She didn't want to deal the scoldings, though, and least not today. She was not in the mood for that.

"I don't think you can blame me, Selina. You tend to be unpredictable." Bruce reasoned.

"Hmm, you're right." Selina agreed, smugness in her voice.

"Selina..." Bruce warned.

"Calm down, calm down. We didn't do anything."

She heard him sigh in relief.

"Maybe." She added.

Bruce groaned. Selina laughed in return. "Okay, seriously, I'll stop." Selina said.

"Bring him home before 6, please." Bruce requested.

Selina's smile faltered. She had almost... forgotten.. that she had to return Dick.. And the way he said 'home' made Selina feel a pang in her heart.

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