15) New Home

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Dick gaped. Someone was here to adopt him? Already? Who in the world...


Dick smiled. He didn't know anyone else who would possibly want to adopt him. Selina was here to take him back! He turned back to Maya with a grin.

Maya was not as joyful. She gazed at him with glossy eyes. "Ah... you've already gotten adopted. On your first day here." She laughed at the cruelty of her situation. "My new friend... is leaving me."

Dick examined her. He felt guilty all of a sudden. "I-I'm sorry, Maya. I-"

"No. Don't apologize. I'm happy for you." She said shakily. "Just.. don't forget me, okay?"

Dick felt his eyes water. "I could never."

Maya got a hold of his robin drawing. She flipped it and wrote something on the back.

"Are you coming or not, Richard?" The woman called out.

"Yes, Ma'am, please hold on." He politely responded. He turned back to Maya.

She continued writing for a while and eventually gave him the drawing. "Read it when you get to your new home. Goodbye, Dick."

"I will." Dick said hastily. He gave Maya one last hug. "One day you'll get adopted, I know it. And hopefully one day we can meet again."

Maya smiled in response.

Dick sped walked up to the lady with the clipboard. He maintained eye contact with Maya until the door was shut.

Maya's smile fell and she broke down sobbing. She brought her head to the table and wrapped her arms around her head. The kids besides her wanted to comfort her, but they didn't know how to. Besides, this was a normal thing here at the orphanage.

They went back to their activities while the poor girl weeped uncontrollably.

- - - - - - - -

Dick followed the woman to a section of the building where signing sheets were along with adults and children.

"Honey, the person adopting you is right there." She guided as she pointed to an area of people.

Dick looked for Selina.

He didn't see her.

"Umm... who?" He asked, perplexed.

"Right there. The man in the suit." She clarified.

Dick spotted who she was talking about. It was a man who looked like he was in his twenties. He was tall, had dark hair, light eyes, and was wearing a business suit. Dick could already tell this man was wealthy.

Who is this person? Dick thought nervously.

Dick slowly walked up to him. The man was currently at a table signing papers and turned his direction to him. "Ah, hello, Richard. How are you?" His voice sounded vaguely familiar.

Dick stared at him before answering. "I'm.. fine, sir."

The man smiled. "You must be very confused. I'm Bruce Wayne. As you already know, I'm here to adopt you. There's no need for you to call me sir."

"Okay." Dick stiffly said. "Umm... have we met before?"

Bruce continued signing as he spoke. "We have never met, but I've seen you before. I was there the night your parents... fell." He explained.

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