All Started With A Dare by infinitely_finite
All Started With A Dareby infinitely_finite
"You'll do anything will you?" Keeley smirks, a mischievous glint lighting up her brown eyes. "I dare you, Jade Elsie Brooke, to break into Trystan Woods...
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imagina kevlex y tu by barbi_lindura
imagina kevlex y tuby barbi_lindura
espero que les guste besooos bayyyyy
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Sinners to be saints by Lanadelwinterss
Sinners to be saintsby Lanadelwinterss
Ni siquiera Dios se atrevería a interferir con la unión de dos almas gemelas. Barbara Roman es internada en un psiquiatrico donde conoce a la hermana Mercedes-
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instagram • n.h • english by filthyfeather
instagram • n.h • englishby filthyfeather
Oh, my, my, you just took me by surprise And I can't believe my eyes Oh, I must be seeing blind Oh no, now you're too good to be all mine Now I'm looking in your eyes Oh...
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My Mafia Boss Husband by ThatsTalia
My Mafia Boss Husbandby Natalia
Violet Lucia is a feisty little brunette who's also a model. When she finds her boyfriend is cheating on her with the girl that she claims is her best friend, she went...
  • mafia
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Hurt (Arkham Knight x Reader) by DefinitelyNotCrazy1
Hurt (Arkham Knight x Reader)by The Crazy One
Y/n was Jason Todd's best friend. Until he died that is. After coping for five years, a new villain comes to Gotham. But who is he exactly? WARNING This story is cur...
  • gordon
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gotham 1🌹 by tamarayann97
gotham 1🌹by tamara yann
Barbara Kean adopt baby Rose potter she is the twin brother of Harry potter
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Instagram  by _Barbara_Kean_
Instagram by Mhmm
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Granița dintre iubire și ură by wxcami
Granița dintre iubire și urăby madelaine
Noah şi Evelyn. Doi adoleşcenţi înstrăinaţi, jucându-se cu focul şi forţând graniţele dintre iubire şi ură. Liceul a început. Dar a început şi provocarea pe care Noah a...
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The Nanny by flaweless_belieber
The Nannyby Ky
Jason and Alison McCann seem to have it all. A perfect marriage, three beautiful children and a successful business. The perfect suburban life. With Alison finally decid...
  • hadid
  • jason
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Katrina Gordon  by -gothamsdaughter-
Katrina Gordon by Katrina Gordon
My story
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Trollhunters: The Short Stories by _AstridHofferson_
Trollhunters: The Short Storiesby Hiccup The Babe
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Venom: hero of justice and world peace by mickol93
Venom: hero of justice and world mickol93
After losing his parents from murder, a young man name Jaden Harris discovers a gift for himself to protect his little sisters, lovers and friends. Join him as he and hi...
  • hurt
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Something Magical (LWA oneshots) by GayForDianaCavendish
Something Magical (LWA oneshots)by Mrs. Diana Cavendish
LWA oneshots! If you read this before June, I just tweaked it up a bit Will do any ship, whether I ship it or not! Yuri only! I do x-readers as well! Be ready to cringe...
  • witchcraft
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KOLEJE HOŞGELDİN by editsulecikkk44
KOLEJE HOŞGELDİNby fatma şule aydın
Hayatımızı neyin yada kimin değiştirrcegini bilemeyiz ama şunu kesinlikle biliriz ki tamamen değiştirebilir belki bir kişi işte o zaman o kişiler le hayata "koleje...
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La venus es caricatura by Lanadelwinterss
La venus es caricaturaby Lanadelwinterss
Todo comenzó en la habitación 58, con una joven, una meretriz y un numero telefónico.
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Amanhã é Para Sempre : Uma Nova Vida by AnnyHogazaColunga
Amanhã é Para Sempre : Uma Nova AnnyHogazaColunga
Fanfic : Amanhã é para sempre : Uma Nova Vida Oito anos depois de tudo acontecer a família Elizalde vivia muito feliz, Eduardo e Fernanda Tiveram uma Menininha. Lilian...
  • barbara
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Fighter by sugarsweet800
Fighterby CrimsonRose
Hope Walsh goes to college meeting Xander Wilde, the two become best friends quickly, although can a simple friendship turn into something more or will Xander's truth ru...
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  • theo
  • jeremiah
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All We Have by rosaliexmarina
All We Haveby ✨rosaliexmarina
"Sometimes, just being together is enough." [Highest ranking: #37 in caradelevingne] (updates every other saturday)
  • caradelevingne
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  • fiction
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Liga Młodych preferencje(Zawieszone) by LUNA15Indila
Liga Młodych preferencje( Kara Allen
Preferencje ligi młodych z obu sezonów Postacie- Dick Tim Jaime Wodnik Bart Wally Conner Lagoon boy Beast boy Cassie Barbara Megan Artemis Zatanna
  • kidflash
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