40) The Note

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40th chapter... Wow! I guess I JUST realized how many chapters this story has. And we still have a lot to go until the end! You guys don't mind that this story has a lot of chapters, right? I could make less chapters by making them longer, but then I wouldn't be able to update every week.

It was weird seeing Selina again now that Dick knew about the secrets they kept. Selina frowned while Bruce explained that Dick now knew everything.

"You're kidding," Selina stated, not happy about the news. Bruce shook his head.

The woman dragged her hands over her face and groaned. She turned her attention towards Dick, "I'm sorry that I didn't get to tell you myself. You're probably angry at me, huh?"

"No," Dick assured. His eyes flickered uncomfortably to the floor for a moment. "Well, I felt a little hurt at first, but it's okay. I know you would have told me if Bruce let you."

The two glanced at Bruce with a hint of venom. The man tried not to shrink under their gaze. He cleared his throat and said, "there's more."

Dick's immediately perked up. He inched closer to Bruce, excited for him to tell Selina about him becoming a vigilante.

"Dick will become my partner." The boy was pleased to hear Bruce use the word partner instead of sidekick. "He'll train and use the skills learned to catch Zucco and arrest him."

"And then I'll catch other gangs and stop them from hurting people ever again!" Dick declared and he smacked a fist against his palm.

Selina's face was full of disbelief. It quickly changed to a cold, retaliating snarl. "You hypocrite. You motherfu- you god da- you- argh!" She stood up from the couch that everyone was casually resting on as she struggled not to spit profanities out of her mouth in front of Dick. Her fist were squeezed so much that Bruce wouldn't be surprised if she started bleeding.

Dick was taken by surprise by how angry Selina was. Shouldn't she be happy that Dick would take down the murderer of his parents, and go on exciting missions with Batman, like he had done with her before, too?

"You-" She took in a deep breath. "-you said that the things I do with him are dangerous. That's why I couldn't do it, right? Well look at you now. Taking a kid with you to fight some gang leader and then others? What's next? You'll let him take down the meta humans next? Gotham's worst villains? Oh, but it's okay, right? Because it's 'heroic'? You'll keep him safe? No! It doesn't work like that, Bruce!"

Bruce was next to get onto his feet. "I didn't want to, but it's the best course of action. He wanted vengeance, but now he'll get justice. He'll be helping others, which is what he wants to do. I didn't tell him to become a hero, he chose it himself. It's better than becoming a criminal like you."

That hit a nerve. Selina sharply inhaled and took a step back. Dick felt his heart skip a beat.

Bruce's eyes widened. "Selina, I'm sorry. I didn't mean it like that."

"Is that how you see me? Just a pathetic criminal? Why stick with me then? Ah, right, 'cause I'm a criminal who happens to have a pretty face. Screw you, Bruce." She stormed away.

Dick's snapped his jaw shut and ran after Selina, not giving Bruce a second thought.

"Selina, don't go! Wait up!" He cried as he rushed passed the threshold of the main entrance and caught up with Selina, who was approaching her car. "Stay," he breathed, "Bruce didn't mean it."

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