Childhood Hero (Captain America/Avengers Story) •EDITING• by nainai19
Childhood Hero (Captain America/Av...by hello sunshine
[BOOK ONE IN THE CHILDHOOD HERO SERIES] - completed - Captain America was Zoey's Childhood Obsession. She grew up with only her mother there for her, who refused to tell...
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  • avengers
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Todoroki Shoto Love Story // As Fast As Lightning by booksandanimes00
Todoroki Shoto Love Story // As Fa...by writing...
"I specialize on the other parts of my quirk. I can create thunderstorms and run as fast as lightning." I explain thoroughly "If I concentrate hard enough...
  • heroes
  • shotolovestory
  • ocxshoto
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The Daughter Of Night by live_life_with_books
The Daughter Of Nightby Em
1st Place in the Percy Jackson Wattys 2018 * '"So it's settled then." Zeus said, "In order to solidify our truce with Nyx Apollo will marry Nyx's demigod...
  • ariadne
  • gods
  • percyjackson
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Legends Never Die »  Avengers Infinity War by GeekGirl043
Legends Never Die » Avengers Infi...by »WAR OF HEARTS«
This is Avengers Infinity War. Carly is a girl who has powers that for so long she hid but Tony Stark saved her. Now a Mad Titan has finally struck and Carly will help d...
  • spiderman
  • romanoff
  • war
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Throne of Atlantis// Aquaman by Geekasauruz
Throne of Atlantis// Aquamanby Geekator
"The war is coming to the surface whether you like it or not. You are not going to win this."
  • heroes
  • cyborg
  • jasonmomoa
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I'm not a villain (Hitoshi Shinso x reader) by Awesomelemonaids
I'm not a villain (Hitoshi Shinso...by Awesomelemonaids
(Y/n) was destined to be the greatest villain of all time. Her father was an evil genius, while her mother was a kidnapped heroine. Rejecting her future of villainy, she...
  • bakugou
  • hitoshishinso
  • angel
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Phantom Justice by Davidscrazy234
Phantom Justiceby Davidscrazy234
It's been 8 years since Danny has seen his brother, his older brother, his rollmodel, his hero, he ran away... 8 years later Danny finally sees his brother again... But...
  • artemis
  • torture
  • dannyphantom
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Fix my Heart || Percy Jackson x Reader [COMPLETED] by Calum8mydad
Fix my Heart || Percy Jackson x Re...by Punexpected
Y/N has survived 10 years alone on the run from monsters. It's a wonder how she was able to defend herself for such a long time. But eventually, the monster that would k...
  • percyjacksonxreader
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The Girls Are All Grown Up by NoelW16
The Girls Are All Grown Upby NoelW16
The PowerPuff Girls were the undefeated heroes of the City of Townsville, the sisters had many foes and challenges that they faced together- though they were very young...
  • ppgz
  • butchercup
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The Grandmaster's Son: Candidate (Completed) by wcmarkarian
The Grandmaster's Son: Candidate (...by W. C. Markarian
-|- Previously Featured Wattpad Story -|- -|- Wattys 2016 Winner -|- Revenge. At first, it seemed simple to Liam Oswald. When he was only six years old, he witnessed t...
  • visualstory
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Target Cuteness  by angel_wish100
Target Cuteness by Jessica Anahi Hernandez
The class blinked seeing their homeroom teacher walking into the class holding a small child in a blue hoodie and black shorts that looks like Midoriya. "Ummm.. Se...
  • manga
  • child
  • izukumidorya
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Mortals Meet Demigods No Mist / Meet Percabeth Percy Jackson Fanfiction by PercyJacksonGreek
Mortals Meet Demigods No Mist / Me...by Abi
These are scenarios where there is no mist and demigods are being revealed. I also do Meet Percabeth! Thank you all for reading, honestly so much. I never expected this...
  • leo
  • funny
  • piper
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Extra Ordinary by helennox
Extra Ordinaryby Helen
Superheroes. How can you hate them? They keep the bad guys at bay, they add a little mystery to the world, but most importantly, they smell nice... The story of an ordin...
  • teenfiction
  • superhero
  • fiction
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Lightning Strikes Twice ›› Barry Allen  [1] by SHIELD-Avenger
Lightning Strikes Twice ›› Barry A...by ˗ˏˋ Nerd Alert ˎˊ˗
❝Run, Barry, RUN!❞ ❝Life is locomotion. If you're not moving, you're not living. But there comes a time when you've got to stop running from things, and you've got to st...
  • city
  • electricalstrike
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The Godly Avenger by NolinSummers
The Godly Avengerby Nathaniel Swanson A.K.A Nolin...
  • romanoff
  • percy
  • comfort
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militia ( flag. ) by cweasleys
militia ( flag. )by ˗ˏˋashleyˊˎ˗
❝ LOVE DOESN'T ALWAYS RAGE LIKE A FIRE, IT CAN COOL LIKE STILL WATER. ❞ in which chandler kemp is shown that not every war is worth the battles. FULL...
  • enchantress
  • villans
  • taskforcex
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Quirk | (Deku x Reader) by ItsWeirdz
Quirk | (Deku x Reader)by Weird
Do you know what it takes to be a hero? Power? Strength? Money? Not all of those things help on a high journey. This is the story on how you won your love, who had none...
  • heroes
  • adventure
  • artist
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Mirai // One Punch Man Fanfic by --foreverethereal--
Mirai // One Punch Man Fanficby SweetES
System Check. Scanning...All green. Powering up... Hello World. Full Generate Mode. "Human beings are strong because we have the ability to change ourselves." ...
  • mumenrider
  • sonic
  • anime
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When the Arrow Flies - A Pertemis Story by LucasDB39
When the Arrow Flies - A Pertemis...by LucasDB39
Percy Jackson, the great hero, had been relieved for the defeat of the Earth Mother, Gaea, only to turn around and find out that the love of his love, Annabeth Chase, ha...
  • pertemis
  • heroes
  • jackson
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LOV || Shigaraki тσмυяα by MarnieeD
LOV || Shigaraki тσмυяαby ✿_marniee_✿
(Y/n) is a part of the League of Villains.
  • anime
  • midoriya
  • romance
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