5) Cats

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Dick took a bite out of his sandwich as Oswald spoke.

"After you sneak through security, you'll lower yourself down and use this to blow up the safe." Oswald informed
As he held on to the a miniature bomb. "It's not big enough to make too much noise. Just make sure you back away before you activate it to avoid hurting yourself."

"mm o go' eh." Dick said with his mouth full of food.

Penguin and a few technical experts had already gone over everything he needed to know, Dick knew this, but he patiently listened again.

"After, you'll need to be quick. The facility will realize something's not right and they'll check on the money. Be sure to  stuff as much as you can in the bag."

Dick nodded enthusiastically.

"Then you'll escape the same way you came in. Someone will be waiting for you in a car to escape."

Dick gave a thumbs up.

"The whole time you'll have a walkie-talkie to communicate with me if you need to. Any questions?" He finished.

Dick swallowed his food. "Nope. When do we start?"

"In an hour. That's when the bank closes." Oswald said.

"Oh, ok." Dick approved. "Can I go outside?"

"Why do you want to go outside?" Penguin asked suspiciously.

Dick scratched the back of his head, "well, there's this cat I found earlier, and I wanna see if she's alright."

Penguin sighed. Children, he thought.

"Go ahead. Just make sure you come back within an hour." He warned.

"Okie dokie." dick sang. He ran out of club and onto the sidewalk that he was jumping into puddles on. It felt so long ago, but it was just earlier that day.

"Ninja! Ninja, ninja!" Dick called out. He took a piece of bread out of his pocket. "I saved some just for you!"

He looked around to see if Ninja had come back yet. She didn't.

"Come on, you're missing on some great stuff! Really, rich people food is really good!"

Still nothing.

Dick puckered his lips sadly and plopped himself on the floor, getting his new clothes dirty.

While he waited for Ninja to possibly show up, he got lost in his thoughts.

Making that deal with penguin wasn't a bad idea. At first he was hesitant because one: the idea of revenge and two: breaking into a bank. The whole thing seemed like one big mistake, but Dick didn't really have anything else going for him, so he said yes.

Besides, he said the bank steals, too. So they're just making it even, right?

Anyways, now he has clothes and gets food. That's already way better than his situation before.

But once Penguin gets the money, will he throw Dick away? Will he be on the streets again?

"You have a lot of potential..." he said. Did he mean it? Or was that just to lure him into accepting the deal?

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