8) On the News

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Dick opened his eyes groggily. He leaned forward and lifted his head off of the soft pillow.


He looked around. He was lying on a large bed with completely white sheets. There was a nightstand besides him with a lamp and a glass of water. The room was a beige color and had a clock hung up. A ray of light peaked through the window, which was covered with a curtain.

Dick rubbed his head. Then he looked down and noticed he was wearing PJ's. He widened his eyes.

What the heck?! He thought, slightly disturbed, Who changed my clothes for me?

Dick looked at the glass of water on the nightstand. He didn't want to drink something that could possibly be poisoned, but he was thirsty and it was tempting him, so he grabbed it and gulped it all down.

Dick got up from the comfortable bed and placed his feet on the smooth, wooden floor. He walked towards the door and opened it slightly. Just enough to peek through.

The rest of the house looked normal, too. He heard the television and some other sounds. Slowly, Dick creeped out of the room and looked for any people.

"I was beginning to wonder when you would wake up." A voice to his right said. It was Oswald. Down the hall, he was sitting on a couch watching the news.

"Uh- good morning." Dick greeted.

His mouth watered immediately after. He smelled something really good in the air.

"Go to the kitchen for breakfast." Oswald proposed as he watched Dick drool.

"Okay!" Dick hollered. He sat down on a chair and a butler walked up to him, serving him the dish.

Am I in heaven? Dick pondered as he observed the food.

There was a huge omelet with fruits at the side. As he bit into the omelet, he tasted rich flavor of the ham, bacon, tomatoes, and onions. The spices complemented wonderfully with this, too.

"Sooo good!" Dick moaned. This might have been the best breakfast Dick had ever eaten.

"I am very glad you like it, sir. I will be sure to tell the chief." The butler stated as he poured Dick a glass of orange juice. "If you need anything else, please let me know." He bowed. Dick nodded enthusiastically. The man left.

Dick continued enjoying his food. He felt great right now. He had slept like a baby and now he was eating the meal of his life. What a nice way to start the day, dick thought happily.

His mood turned soured when he recalled last night's events. Did Penguin really kill those men?

Dick had no evidence to support this assumption, but it made sense, right? Soon after he heard people being shot, penguin walked up to him in the same direction as the sounds. Not only that, but before, he said he "had to dispose of trash." Or something. And if he didn't do it personally, then it was his henchmen who did it on his orders. Dick might have been young, but he was not stupid. In fact, he was smarter than most kids his age.

He decided that after he ate, he'd ask Penguin. In a polite manner, of course.

Dick left the plate spotless and finished his drink. He felt like he was about to explode - in a good way.

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