26) Odd Squad Pt.2

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Part 2, yay!

"They're so predictable. Oswald comes for toxin, Ivy raises price. I didn't make the empty wallet joke for nothing, y'know."

Dick looked in the direction of the voice and watched Riddler approach him with two glass cups in his hands. He gave Dick the glass with water and kept the one with alcohol.

"Uh-" Dick uttered.

"I was thirsty and didn't think it was appropriate to be the only one with a drink." Riddler explained. He spoke in a manner that sounded like he was smarter than everyone in the room. Maybe he was.

Dick smiled gratefully. "Oh wow, thank you! That's really nice."

The man in green and purple nodded in response.

"So, why is a kid like yourself hanging out with Penguin?" Riddler asked curiously.

Dick took a sip of water before answering. The ice made it cold enough to give him a brain freeze but it was refreshing nonetheless. "It's kinda a long story. We just met one day and became friends."

Riddler choked on his drink.

"Are you okay?!" Dick shouted with concern as he got up and patted Edward's back.

When he regained his breath, he nodded. "Yeah, yeah, I'm fine. Thank you. Sorry, you just.. surprised me there."

Dick was confused. "...how?"

"Penguin doesn't have friends. He has allies, henchmen- you name it- but no friends." Edward stated with certainty.

Dick awkwardly scratched his head. "Well.. now he does..?"

Edward observed Dick as he sat back down. He was sure that Oswald agreed to that to make the kid feel better. With or without the title of 'friend', however, he could prove to be Oswald's vulnerability. Many of his enemies would use that to their advantage and put the boy in harm's way. Riddler and Penguin fought a lot and even turned on each other, but they had a unspoken oath against using friends and family as leverage. Not that either of them really had any left, until now.

Edward didn't have any special feelings towards Richard, but he seemed like a nice kid. Probably caught in the wrong crowd. Well, looks can be deceiving. Either way, he didn't want some little kid getting hurt because of his ties to criminals like Oswald. It was better if Richard got away from Edward's rather impulsive acquaintance.

"Hey," Riddler began, "What gets broken without getting held?"

Dick blinked. "Huh?"

"It's a riddle." The, well, Riddler informed.

"Oh." Dick realized. It was an odd time to be asking something like riddles, but he didn't mind.

"Broken without being held... uh.. I don't know.." Dick shrugged.

"At least try. It's not that hard," Riddler insisted, although he doubted that the boy would guess correctly.

"Um.. I really don't know. Glass..?" Dick randomly guessed.

Riddler snorted. "Glass? No, incorrect. The answer is: a promise. I have no clue how you got that ridiculous answer. Shame that you didn't get it; that was one of my easiest ones."

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