37) Trust

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Bruce insisted that he searched through the gifts that Dick received from the villains before letting him open them himself.

It was not to get ideas for what present he should get Dick, if that's what you're wondering. He had already decided on something. He just simply didn't trust Ivy and Edward to not possibly sneak something dangerous in there. He trusted Oswald a little more than them, though, he admitted.

When he was sure that everything was safe, he left them for Dick for go through. He did have a few questions about their gift choices, but he didn't want to spoil anything for Dick. So he watched the boy unwrap and open everything on his own.

Dick opened Oswald's first. It was a gift card for target. Simple. Classic Ozzie.

The next was Ivy's. she left him a couple of seeds in a ziplock bag. Next to it, was a letter. It read: plant and take care of these babies and they'll offer you something in return ;)

Um, okay? Dick thought oddly. It was probably a fruit tree or something. He knew that Bruce would still be suspicious anyways.

He was unsurprised by Edward's gift. It was a Rubik's cube. Like he would be able to solve that... Edward sure liked to boast his intelligence to others.

Dick was more excited to open the envelope in front of him. It was from Selina, after all!

He grinned when he realized what was in his hands. Tickets to a Blackpink concert! (I guide others to a treasure I cannot possess T_T)

"Those were interesting gifts..." Bruce commented, his face unreadable. "Ready to see mine?"

Dick nodded enthusiastically. Bruce handed him a wrapped present and sat down by the table with him.

The boy paused when he ripped the wrapping paper and caught a glimpse of the item. Oh Bruce... he thought painfully. A framed picture was his gift. Frozen in time, Dick was hugging Zitka, his elephant pal, while Mr. Haley rested a hand on his shoulder. Everyone looked so happy. The familiar colors illuminated the tent and just made the place seem even more cheerful. It felt like the picture was taken ages ago.. now only a mere memory.

He was so carefree back then. No worries about anything but silly stuff, like if Mr. Haley would notice the innocent prank Dick left for him. Or if Dick would be sore from a fun day of flips with his parents.

He missed those days so much. So, so much.

Tears pooled at Dick's eyes as he stared at the photograph. It meant a lot to him to have a peace of home still with him.

Dick abruptly got up from his seat and walked up to Bruce to embrace him in a hug. "Thank you," he breathed.

Bruce tightened the hug in response. He could tell the boy about the second part of his present later.

Not a bad birthday. Not a bad birthday at all...

- - - - - - - - -

"W-WHAT?!" Dick excitedly exclaimed. "You're amazing and awesome and the best person ever!" He blurted with a ginormous, ecstatic grin. Had Bruce really done this for him?!

"It'll arrive in a little over a month. Now listen, I only want you using it when I'm around, or else you could possibly hurt yourself and I won't be there to help," Bruce explained, a little flustered by Dick's outburst.

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