4) A Deal?

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Dick cleared his throat awkwardly.

"Hello, everyone." Dick said. He tried to sound enthusiastic, but he just felt like crying.

No response.

"So, u-um... what do you call an alligator that's a detective?" That's how the joke went, right?

Silence except for those in conversations.

"An investi...gator!" He yelled. "Haha, get it?"

He was trying way too hard.

No one laughed.

"O-okay, erm-" no puns, no puns, he repeated mentally to himself.

"One time my friend said to me: 'What rhymes with orange' then I said 'No it doesn't, silly!'" Dick said with a goofy smile.

That one actually earned a few chuckles.

Who would have guessed that Tati's jokes would have actually come in handy? Dick reminisced.

Unfortunately, with his stress levels so high right now, he couldn't think of anymore jokes. He just stood there internally screaming. Then he got an idea. He used to be in a circus, after all. So why not perform like it?

He jumped from the stage and onto the platform where the crowd was. Some people looked taken back, others looked intrigued.

"I can juggle any five items that you are willing to let me use. The more fragile the better." Dick announced with confidence. He was great at juggling.

He saw people hesitate. He couldn't blame them, to be fair. For all they knew, he could just some kid that was bluffing.

But today the universe chose to give him a chance, because a young man raised his glass cup. "Use this, then."

Dick let out a breathe of relief. "Thank you, sir." He took the glass.

It was a chain reaction.

"Juggle this plate!"

"My keys!"

"Here, my IPhone!"

"Use my wedding ring! Uh, just don't break it, please."

Dick smiled widely. He couldn't believe this was actually working!

After he collected all the items, he started with two items. Then three. Four. And five.

He heard a few people gasp. Soon the whole club was watching. I guess they aren't used to seeing children do tricks. Dick guessed.

He did a few more cool tricks with the valuables and finally ended it by balancing the glass cup on his chin.

Everyone clapped, impressed. He couldn't help but blush. He bowed down and returned all the items to their owners.

When he went backstage again he realized how much he was shaking. Did that just happen? He thought in shock.

The lady from earlier pat his back. "Nice job. NEXT!" She shouted and moved on the someone else.

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