44) The Laughter Pt.2

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Longest chapter so far because I refuse to split it. I quite like this length, so I'll try to make future chapters on the longer side, as well. P.S, this chapter will get sorta violent and dark. It's not that bad, but I'm just warning you guys just in case you're sensitive to some freaky stuff. Now that that's out of the way, enjoy!

The Dark Night growled. As much as he didn't want Robin involved in this, people's lives were at stake, and they needed him. He took in a breath and yelled, "Robin, go!"

Robin acted immediately. He leaped of the building, grappling gun in hand to prevent him from splatting onto the ground, and landed smoothly onto the pavement. He side glanced at Batman for approval, by the man was focused on the Joker- or more specifically the trigger in his hand.

"Robin?" The green haired criminal repeated. "Ohohoh! So Batsy's got a sidekick now! So much for Mr. I-Work-Alone!"

The woman next to him scratched her head. "Huh. He's a little small! D'ya think that the kid is supposed to be a distraction, Puddin'?"

Joker laughed. "Who cares?! This just means that we have another player for our game!"

Ironically enough, Batman used their moment of wondering if Robin was a distraction to snatched the trigger from Joker's hands while they stared at the boy. He crushed it immediately.

"Aww," Joker groaned mockingly, "I didn't see that coming!"

Robin understood that his helpfulness was done here, and now was needed more by the people inside the store. He ran inside, pulled out a pocket knife from his utility belt, and began cutting the ropes that bound the innocent civilians. Robin would've cracked a smile by reminiscing the time he and Selina saved those wild cats if there weren't people in need of his quick and professional attention.

"Thank you," a man breathed as Robin finally severed the rope against his hands. The young hero gave him a hand as he shakily got up.

"No problem," Robin said hastily. "Go out through the emergency exit and run."

The man nodded. He looked behind Robin and gulped. "Just so you know, there's a timer on saying when the gas is gonna be released."

Robin swirled around. His chest ached with the worry as he eyed the red numbers of a clock that was plastered onto every corner of the building. He had nineteen minutes left.

The two males parted way as Robin continued to free the others, and the man ran to safety.

"Seems the bird boy already got started on the scavenger hunt," Joker commented as watched Harley throw her hammer at Batman, who easily dodged her attacks. "You should join 'em, Batsy, 'cause the gas'll be released regardless of whether you destroyed the trigger or not. I was just pulling your leg; that wasn't a button to release the gas immediately. It was to start the countdown! And I only clicked it once you came!"

Batman froze moment from the realization, earning himself a whack in the face from Harley Quinn's hammer. He cursed.

"Now that I have your attention, let me explain the rules of the game." The clown began with a thrilled grin. "You have... maybe fifteen minutes left? fifteen minutes to find all the people in the store and save them before all the exits are automatically locked and the gas fills the building. Now, I know you love a challenge, so I made sure to hide some folks real well. I'm even letting your sidekick help out. Aren't I great?"

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