19) Secret Identity

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The only sounds that could be heard as they made their way down was their footsteps and a few water droplets.

After a while, though, they could hear the echos of people chattering. The closer they got to the end of the stairs, the louder and brighter it got.

Dick widened his eyes. There were large crowds scattered around the underground market. Some people were observing the station that matched their interest, while others were in line to pay.

It was almost like a normal store, except it was underground... and illegal. Not to mention, some of the items made Dick want to vomit.

He tried to hold in his disgust and glanced at Selina who managed to keep a straight face. She held onto Dick's hand. "Stay close." She muttered through the loud noise

She lead the way as she walked towards the animal section. Both dead and alive.

Dick didn't understand much about the concept of a black market, but he did know that it wasn't an actual market. It was sorta like a network of connections, right?

Selina turned her head and looked around. She cursed under her breath. "They must have moved."

An owner of this section must have seen her looking around, so he enthusiastically ran up to her. But when Dick observed him, he realized that expression was fake and that he was probably just worried that they would steal something. This was reasonable considering they were both wearing their suits and masks. Strangely enough, though, they weren't the only crazy looking people here.

"Hello, are you lost? Anything you're interested in particular?"

Selina took advantage of the opportunity. "Uh, yeah. You know where I can find some big animals? Like, not elephant big, more like lion big." She cleared her throat. "Alive."

The man's smile faltered. He glanced for a split second to the side, at a room. "Oh. I know a corner that has those, but they're not here right now." He explained.

"Well, that sucks." She sighed. "Whatever, I'll just find something else. I don't need any help. I'll just look around."

The man seemed satisfied with that and gladly left. Before doing so, he gazed strangely at Dick.

What the heck? He Dick thought. Why does he look so suspicious?

He shook the feeling away and looked at Selina. "Now what are we going to do?"

Selina looked in the direction that the man had glanced at. "I'm guessing that's the room. We can't bring too much attention to ourselves, so that means we don't blatantly find a way in." She informed.

Normally, this would sound challenging to Dick, but he was with Selina. Easy peasy.

"I forgot to mention," she added, "you'll be the one leading."

"What?!" Dick exclaimed.

"Yeah. I mean, this is an opportunity to learn some things. Calm down, I'll be with you the whole time, remember?" Selina reassured.

Dick nodded his head.

"Before we do anything, tell me, what should your code name be?"

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