Part 18

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After that scare, I wanted to take a break, but I still had Melanie to think about. The doctors considered they were should be moved into a different ward that specializes in our all cases, both psychiatric and physical, for safety reasons. They agreed we should be in the ward, which had three beds, one for each of us. Mine's was in the middle while Melanie had the one near the window. I had find a way to close the drapery during privacy time despite the binds. Luckily, Melanie was just our of the line of sight. I did also received news about the set-back and what it had done. My bones were healing, but they were worried about my spine despite being able to feel my legs. It wasn't on my mind... I just wanna those I care about to be able to be release with some kind of outpatient care. I opted to be place in the secure location for my own protection, which they understood. After we settled, Mariah and company arrived after hearing what happened.

"Well, this is a change." Mariah said.

"It's likely for the better." I told them.

"I heard about what happened to Melanie and Victoria." Brandy said.

"Man, who ever did that should be thrown in hell!" Jewel said.

"Well, they're still investigating. They need to know if he had a psychotic breakdown or planned." Victoria said.

"Did anyone from the police say anything?" Alanis asks, finally breaking her silence.

"Not much, they just want to know who did what." Melanie said.

Melanie didn't want to get involve.

"I can't blame anyone on that." Celine said, breaking hers.

"Well, it caught us all off-guard." (She looked at me.) "No offence, Emma" Victoria said.

"I had worse" I simply.

I knew what she might but that was the least of my problems.

"What I'm trying to figure is why we're being targeted? I had to talk to my husband. He was just as dumbfounded but supportive." Celine said.

"He must've heard what happened." Victoria said.

"He wanted to join David in the breakdown." Celine said.

Let that be a lesson, ATTACK A BYSTANDER, YOU'LL PAY.

"I would love to see that. Instead, I ended up checking out the contents of Melanie's intestines. I didn't know that." Alanis said.

"Come on, I don't want to talk about it." Melanie said.

"Don't tell me they still have them?" I quipped.

"I hate to say it, but... they do." Melanie said.

"You should've told us. We didn't know it was that bad." Alanis said.

"How about stopping right there!" I said.

I didn't want to see Melanie finding herself in a deeper hole.

"Sorry, I'm just surprised on how they made a meal of you, Melanie." Celine said.

"Yeah, I never heard of that. I thought they go after the same food as their host." Jewel said.

I just wanted them to drop it.

"Okay, we're still in a situation with the PSI/ESP investigation." I said.

"I guess, they're be going to need to talk to us next." Alanis said.

Melanie just looked at me, with her eyes only.

"Nice save" Melanie whispered.

"Oh yeah, I heard what happened. That's was serious measure." Mariah said.

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