Part 23

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The following day, I was getting a check-up to see what kind of outpatient treatment I'll likely be needed once cleared to do so one day. I still have to handle the ESP/PSI examination but the worst to be over... or so I thought. Yet, I had started to think about what Melanie has gone through and begun to unthinkable I had some involvement. I opted to check out what it could be and seek treatment for it since it was going to be essential if Melanie was ever going to have a probability of receiving the all-clear. Unlike her, I knew I have to take some kind of action, nip this in the bud before it gets out of control. It was clear that we all lost, it was control. We didn't have much control over our lives and paying the price for it.

However, I knew the folks behind the ESP/PSI experimentation would still want to have a word with us about what was going on. The more I looked into it, I stumbled upon how long this has been going on, which even took me by surprise. For a long time, in most cases, it had been suppressed from the public even by the demand of the government or by request of those affected, in order to keep some form of stability. The earliest I could reach was shortly the beginning of the Cold War while many other nations were keeping an eye of the warring superpowers, as one false move could've to trigger World War 3. In most of the cases, it seemed to awoken whenever someone suffers some of the neurobiological trauma but lived to tell about it, only to be plagued by the side-effects such as seizures. Some had pleaded for help, many going as far as to commit themselves in mental hospitals just they would get some kind of relief. There were cases of much requesting electroconvulsive therapy to demand a lobotomy, which most medical practitioners were caught off-guard by as it's seldom voluntary... ever.

After reading that, I had to stop as I was starting to scare the living shit out of me as well. Yet, it was rather needed if I'm going to help Melanie at all to recover as I got her into this shit and was going have to get her the fuck out of it. Speaking of which, I had to know how she was doing after she pretty much broke down in front of me. I wasn't sure if anyone nearby heard about what Melanie had said in front of me but certain it was going to come back to either harm or heal her. I hadn't heard much about what was happening to Melanie, which got to me as the absolute silence was often nerve-wracking. I checked out, being very careful with my neck, and went to see how Melanie was doing.

When I did, Melanie was still asleep, which prompted me to back-off to let her relax. I had to be careful as I still on that tracheotomy and hadn't been clear on when it could finally be removed. I wanted to get up for a while, figuring that I could use some air. However, a nurse assistant came by to check up on us as it was rather routine while explaining that a team of personal were coming over to check on both me and Melanie. I opted to talk to him but in a soft voice since I didn't want to bother to Melanie, but the assistant explained that she needed to be awake for the meeting we'll going to be there. I told him that Melanie was still sleeping, but he had to carefully wake her up as he needed to some cleaning.

Melanie didn't like being woken up but we had to get ready for the meeting. While we were being transported to the area we needed to be for meeting, I started to wonder who was going to be there this time around, as they often seem a different set of people. Still, what I saw in Melanie was something I haven't seen before, but she had to express her true emotions. Melanie still had to go through talking treatments for her mental health issues, which landed in this mess. Yet, I wasn't very sure about what was going to happen, as I had a feeling someone from the ward was going to be present.

"She better not go at it again," Melanie said.

"What do you mean?" I ask.

"Someone from my hellhole has to be present." Melanie said.

"Which one" I said.

"I just don't want to talk to that lady for she did. If I wanted to talk about my health problems, I could've down it myself at my own time." Melanie said.

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