Part 7

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A few days past, I was finally getting my jaw looked. I still wondering about who were those people that wanted to see about the EEG scans and ESP activities that I been developing. I didn't understand what was going on, the accident at the pitch was also on my mind. I know I would have to endure another set of questions but hoped it was the police this time. My right hand was also checked out to see if another set of dressing were needed or not. After my jaws were finally free, I was talking in some way again despite still being on a respirator, though a speaking value. The body cast was modified to allow me to be in a wheelchair at times but still had that Halo and my left arm was on the mend. My leg burns were also examined, as skin grafts were done on them hence the garments. While being I was still getting out, the same officer from before came in to ask me a few questions, understanding I was still too sick.

The officer was asking me about the pitch accident, as I wasn't able to do so during those two. The questions had to be kept to a nominal due to the pain I was still suffering. I gave out as many details I was able to explain included moments after the accident. The officer was quite astonished about the details I was able to provide, but he stayed professional during the interview as he had been told about the EEG results. The series of questions I was given was pretty basic, nothing strange.

Afterward, I was finally able to relax and focus on my recovery. I was looking forward to some form of rehab since it could finally get my mind off the idea of what I was going through. Yet, I had to handle a fair enough of visitors while starting a new liquid diet. During the day, I was being wheeled into one of the examining room for what I thought would be a routine psychometric examination. However, as I was being wheeled, I noticed the area wasn't the usual wing of the hospital... it looked like something straight from that film Geri was talking about. I started to get scared about what was going on, or why me. Just before I got there, I was informed that... for my safety... there might be some recording done. When I was finally brought into a room, there was a group of people who needed to see me. It was very scary for me, to the point I blacked-out causing the astral form again. I soon started to notice a pattern, but I was powerless to stop what was going on. Yet, unlike before, even in my astral form, I was noticed for some reasons. It was rather rare for anyone apart from Melanie to see this form. A series of questions were given to me, which included being able to locate certain locations. I noticed that I was hooked up many machines, all checking my vitals... causing them to go off at times. Finally, I just wanted to stop because this having an effect on my physical recovery.

	After awhile, I fully regain control but was already back in my room, trying to figure out what was going on

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After awhile, I fully regain control but was already back in my room, trying to figure out what was going on. I finally sat up, despite the pain since I knew I was expecting some company. I was hoping it wasn't those men again because my body can't take it much longer with those guys. I was also trying to drinking without the need for a feeding tube, though I was still on IV drips. Finally, I was able to see some visitors I was pleased to see after what I had to go through.

"Has it to finally be able to speak?" Mariah asks.

"I could a little better, but I'm still sore." I explained.

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