Part 14

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The next morning, the infection was dying down but still, I left in isolation. I woke up to noticed my notebook with Melanie's health situation had been moved. I didn't think much of it, likely due to the cleaning staff needing to their business. My mum and Paul came by to see how I was doing, after being told about the setback. I thought about telling about what happened, but Paul brought up how I saved a life years ago. I just looked at him, so did our mum as she hasn't heard about either. I hadn't brought about the incident that changed our lives and resulted in Melanie's current health. The only ones who knew were Melanie, Mel, Geri, and Victoria and wanted to ask on how he figure out what was going on since I hadn't been able to tell anyone else. All I could do was simply look him for quite awhile, as I was just a loss of word.

I finally had to ask on he would he know about it. Paul just simply looked at me, explaining that that from what he heard after someone was talking about it. I had thought that it had to be the cleaning staff, but the notebook wasn't opened by any of them. It was in the same condition as I left it. Still, I was just flabbergasted as I have begun to ask myself on who was it that told anything about it since I hadn't got the encourage... let alone the strength to do anything. It was there I wanted to see how Melanie was handling the situation since I wasn't sure if anyone else at the ward she's still at had been told. There was a slim chance since after-all it was the mental ward, it isn't that far-fetched for something to be dismissed. Yet, I was aware that the staff was determined to get to the bottom of Melanie's mental health as she still refused to talk. If she doesn't start talking, they're likely to keep her there... even if she recovered from her injuries. I was pretty much aware of the mental health law, it was common for someone to be held for nearly a year.

I felt like in a stage of panic but kept calm since I needed a way to speak with Melanie before she does something stupid, again. From what history with her had taught me when she's going through something like this, stupid things tend to happen. Finally, I had an idea, which sounded dangerous but what choice did I had at that point. It took a moment as I knew the risks but this was necessary, I had to induce my own astral form. It was a point of a problem as I still hadn't told my mum about what I could do, as she wasn't sure about what was happening. My family was by the door when I had to go for it. There was no turning back, it was going to get found out as Miller was also near.

When I entered my astral form, I quickly ran to the ward where both Melanie and Victoria while looking back at my body. Thanks to the types of equipment my body was on, I was certain it was safe as I just hurried to the ward. While in the astral form, I could easily pass though a lot of people but still was mindful of what was going on with my body. When I finally got to where Melanie was being held, she was out of it as well. It looked like I wasn't the only one who had a similar idea, except her mum was present as well. However, someone at the ward noticed something was going on, but she withheld the information because she was just as frightening. Yet, she contacted someone at the ward my body was at, and the same information is received.

Both ends reported a flash of light, and another person had been keeping notes on what was happening to both of us. I wasn't sure what was going, as all I could do was look at Melanie's mum, trying to make sense of what happening to her only daughter. Then, I had remembered that Melanie's astral form was likely looking for my astral form. I wasn't sure how I could hold on, but I had to return so she could as well. When I finally returned, which was a painful ten minutes, all I could do was look around as I was too much in pain. I had a feeling same goes with Melanie, as I was able to remotely hear some sighs of relief when she came too. It scared both our families as none of us had ever done that before. I mean, every time we allow ourselves to enter our astral form, we lost consciousness of our bodies and control of them. Our families had walked out for some time to give us some alone time, they were just as scared. I had never seen my mum in that stage of panic in all my life.

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