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A New Day by JadedAngelsRising
A New Dayby Jaded
Céline and René find themselves balancing a bit more than a tour. When a mid-spring day in 1996 changes their world forever.
MACKIE (A Céline Dion FanFiction) by fidelafin
MACKIE (A Céline Dion FanFiction)by Danielle ♥️
Have you ever thought, what if Céline Dion and Renè Angelil has a daughter? And a long lost one? After 15 years, when everything is doing well, a young girl from San And...
MY HEART WILL GO ON by Student206950
This is about a girl named Malay Dion. She has 3 younger bros Daniel, and the twins Ryan and Bryan. Her parents are deforced and the year after Malay's 11th birthday her...
Invisible string  by dionswife
Invisible string by dionswife
Celine and Rene have worked together for years, and both started to grow an incredibly strong love for each other. But they can't tell anyone. Will they ever tell the ot...
MEME BOOK  by Mae_DWrites
MEME BOOK by May His Blade Rest
This just memes that are mostly from Ninjago or Miraculous Ladybug! 6.1.2022 - I have more than just those now lol And I don't own any of these! Disclaimer! 1K views M...
Look at us now  by dionswife
Look at us now by dionswife
Celine and Rene go through a difficult time of their marriage. Will they survive it?
once in a lifetime by ceidiangelil
once in a lifetimeby Love to write
Rene looks back on his life aftter a very interesting car ride.
Dreams Do Come True by emccormick20
Dreams Do Come Trueby Eavan
Samantha was your average high school girl with big dreams. Only, her dream was to meet her idol, Celine Dion. She is in for the shock of her life. Who would have known...
THE POWER OF LOVE by CareyLGallagher
THE POWER OF LOVEby Carey L Gallagher
Ne partez pas sans moi by reiko1239
Ne partez pas sans moiby reiko1239
A special event in Rene and Celine's life
My Life With Ms.Dion by CelineThug
My Life With Ms.Dionby CelineThug
Ever wondered how it feels like to be working with Ms Celine Dion, a busy and hardworking boss of a huge corporation? Well, now you do :P Peek into the world of Anna, he...
Falling Into You by Celine_CooperJones
Falling Into Youby Celine_CooperJones
Céline Dion is a famous singer, with a loving family, great manager, and a boyfriend. Céline's boyfriend Alex is very overprotective and jealous. She loves him, but he'...
Angelic by maiboyleoishawt
Angelicby Banana Split
Angelo Panne is an Idol, a star a role model. So was Mary. They were partners, in song and crime. But then Mary died. And Angelo wanted her to be happy in heaven. So, be...
Beautiful Songs by Sharons_Wings17
Beautiful Songsby Sharon Bernstein
A list of songs with beautiful lyrics and songs *Note: I do not own these songs or the lyrics. They belong to the artists who wrote and/or performed them.
Singing that song by KarmenF
Singing that songby KarmenF
I sing that song You sing that song We sing that song Everyone sing that song