Part 17

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The following day, many were still trying to recover from they had seen. My dad was released after a night in gaol but has a court date of his own. I was being checked out if I could help with the court case, the pitch accident one. I was able to meet up with Brandy and Geri, as they were also involved. As we were waiting, I opted to have a conversation about what I had to handle.

"Well, I can't believe she was infected with WHAT!" Geri said.

"I didn't say much. How would you know?" I asks, pretending I didn't want she was talking about.

"Victoria told me. She got a look of what was inside. That's gotta be gross. How did any miss that?" Geri asks.

"It's usually spotted by stool samples. You can guess what happens there." Brandy said.

"It was hard to get any samples because they started to make a meal of hers. From what I heard, when they finally got hers, it didn't have any colour." Geri said.

"Well, it acts like a diary entry, that's for sure. Wait just a second, how..." I said.

"I saw a jar of worms that had to removal via surgery. Now, she has an excuse! How long they been there?" Geri asks.

"They didn't say. It's best to leave that out." I said.

I didn't want any more of Melanie's health condition to become front page news. She was still under section, though as it's unclear if she purposely left them in or not.

"Well, once we meet up with her, we got a lot questions." Geri said.

Both me and Brandy just looked, as we wanted none of it.

"Look, it's unclear when any of us needs to arrive at the courthouse. It took awhile to be cleared to continue rehab. You should've seen what I had to do with my dad when he got disorderly. It got so bad, I had to get hit the call button, just to get him out." I said.

"That's gotta sting" Brandy said.

"Few would see it as a blessing, why did you think they got divorced." I said.

"Going to his court date?" Geri asks.

"Unlikely, it's more of a civil matter." I said.

"We gotta deal with this pitch accident. If the guy was smart, he'll take the guilty plea. I can't believe I said that." Brandy said.

"You're right. If smart, take the plea. Spare us." Geri said.

A few more entered.

"Hey, did anyone see what was in Melanie's guts?" Jewel asks.

"That wasn't pasta I'll tell you that." Geri said.

"How bad did it get?" Mariah asks.

"Ate some shit... seriously, that's what they did." Geri said.

"I know. The hospital isn't clear on a lot, especially when they noticed a slight tint of yellowing. Yet, it was clear that she can't leave any time soon. They're fearful she lacks the mental capability to decide on her health." Brandy said.

"With that, I'm not surprised." I said.

"Who's going to take over if that's the case?" Mariah asks.

"They were able to find the closet relative, her mum. She'll likely take over until Melanie fully recovers." I said.

"Has anyone else came by about the pitch accident?" Geri asks.

"Yeah, Celine is on her way. The officer assigned, the same one that Melanie gave a hard time to, explained they'll likely ask one by one, as it's unclear if Emma can attend." Mariah said.

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