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Penny lane (Liam Gallagher)  by panicattheimpala67
Penny lane (Liam Gallagher) by panicattheimpala67
Penny Kennedy leaves her home of Ireland at age 17 to Manchester in hope of pursuing a career in art. After finding a room to rent in the Gallagher household she knows s...
  • oasis
  • bonehead
  • noel
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90s Queen Bee #Wattys2016 by BreeHoskin
90s Queen Bee #Wattys2016by Bree Hoskin
A Wattpad Featured Story What if you got to go back to high school knowing what you know now? Sammy Day has the chance to do just that... and she's going to show the cla...
  • australia
  • newadult
  • funny
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Love Buzz - Kurt Cobain Fanfic by _Youknowyoureright
Love Buzz - Kurt Cobain Fanficby _Youknowyoureright
Kurt Cobain fanfic. Keep in mind please that this is just for fun and not meant to be serious. It is a FICTION story. No hate please.
  • fanfiction
  • kurtcobain
  • love
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Combustion by Jyvur_Entropy
Combustionby Jyvur_Entropy
***Wattpad Editor's Choice***Rachel lives in constant fear that she will burst into flames. She can feel the heat building in her gut. She keeps buckets of water under t...
  • paranormal
  • 1990s
  • ghosts
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imagines ━ leo dicaprio  by ramidicaprio
imagines ━ leo dicaprio by ─ RAMIHOLIC
completed #2 in leonardo #5 in titanic #21 in leonardo dicaprio
  • 1990s
  • 90s
  • fluff
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Hit and Run (A Zodiac Story) by NonStopFurBa11
Hit and Run (A Zodiac Story)by Hi I'm High
It's the year 1997, and the Zodiacs are in New York City, currently the busiest city in America. 6 of the Zodiacs are gangsters, forming the toughest gang in New York, t...
  • zodiac
  • aries
  • pisces
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Side Stories: Lyrics of the Time by Letsplay21
Side Stories: Lyrics of the Timeby Paddy 👻👻👻
Hey reader! I will post some lyric from my favorite 90s song and describe it! I hope you all don't mind with this! :)
  • 1990s
  • lyrics
  • song
White Meat by FinnyH
White Meatby Finn Marigold
[LGBTQ/Short Story] I caught my bully kissing another guy. For him, this made ME a nasty little problem. --- Made it to #61 in Short Story Featured on the official @LGB...
  • generalfiction
  • queer
  • london
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love over coffee- j.t. & o.c. Book one. Based on seasons 1-3 by JustinsLilShawty
love over coffee- j.t. & o.c. Book...by Kira
"Well, if it isn't the famous joey tribbiani!!" ☕️☕️☕️☕️☕️☕️ Book one: Seasons 1-3 Book two: Seasons 4-6 Book Three: Season 6-10 Book Four + : beyond ☕️☕️☕️☕️☕...
  • 90s
  • bing
  • chandlerbing
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Our Little Miracle  by BreezyPoint
Our Little Miracle by BreezyPoint
Michael and Lenora knew each others since elementary days. Until, Mike became really famous that he began his career young. Although he loves to sing but didn't expect a...
  • romance
  • 1990s
  • family
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A Guide to Writing Historical Fiction by writing-desk-raven
A Guide to Writing Historical Fict...by Mr. Tongue Twister
I like to think of myself as a historian, this book just tells you what I know. In this book, you can find a rough guideline of how to start a historical fiction book, h...
  • pre-twentiethcentury
  • historicalfiction
  • 1910s
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Drain You by fueledbycoffeeee
Drain Youby fueledbycoffeeee
While Kurt struggles with school, a rocky family life, the creation of his band and fading friendships, he runs into Ava, who helps clears many things up for him, and cl...
  • bands
  • idkwhatelse
  • drama
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Basketball Diaries (Fanfic) by JustHavingFun25
Basketball Diaries (Fanfic)by JustHavingFun25
I love this movie so I decided to make a fanfic. I suggest to watch the movie to have a better understanding but if you don't want to here is a brief description Christ...
  • one
  • leonardo
  • direction
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Samaina OS/TS Series~kuch Mere Dil Se... by EktaaJindal
Samaina OS/TS Series~kuch Mere Dil...by Ekta Jindal
A collection of os/ts series on samaina.... OS 1 ~ ANJAANE HUMSAFAR (19 November 2018) TS 1~ AFTERMATH OF SAGAI 1.1(18 January 2019) 1.2(...
  • 1990s
  • sameer
  • ashdeep
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*in my head* by justinsbiitch
*in my head*by -jay tee-
gucci tennis shoes runnin' from yo issues~
  • 1990
  • lancebass
  • 90s
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Is It Meant To Be? by AmazinglyDiamond
Is It Meant To Be?by Neecey
Latoya is what you will call an " All Around The Way " Girl . She is very confident, independent, intelligent and street smart. Although she has a sharp attitu...
  • tlc
  • romance
  • drama
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I Think I Love You (Eddie Birdlace) by rphoenix03
I Think I Love You (Eddie Birdlace)by sky🌈🌻
In the 1960s, there were basically two groups of people; those for the war and those completely against it. Squares and hippies, norms and freaks- however you want to r...
  • war
  • eddiebirdlace
  • 1990s
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80s&90s gif series👼🏽 by yh_idekwhat
80s&90s gif series👼🏽by yh_idekwhat
-'there's no such thing as a nice teenage boy!'
  • thegoonies
  • lostboys
  • basketballdiaries
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Obliviate || Fred Weasley by _baked_
Obliviate || Fred Weasleyby lizziemorgan
[COMPLETED] A love for your best friend leads to a complicated relationship between Fred Weasley and Elizabeth Baker. Follow their journey through the second Wizarding W...
  • george
  • love
  • hufflepuff
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