Part 24

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After awhile I was still immobile, I never had that feeling before but was slowing regaining control of the matter. Since one of those nurses was going to be around, I might as well have someone to talk to. However, that same researcher was coming back as he heard what happened. Melanie wasn't in the mood to talk, but I had a lot questions on what the fuck was going on. We could've died from that fucking shit. I had a lot of anger going through my body, which kept my mind off from the pain I was going through. Still, I was too weak to express my rage in the matter I wanted. Finally, when one of the nurses arrived, it was the one Melanie didn't want to see. Well, it looks like I was getting a front seat. I could tell in the look on Melanie was a clear-cut intensive rage in her eyes, she had enough and wanted to take action. I know for a fact attacking someone like a nurse was going to be a dreadful idea, and I wasn't even worried about the legitimate actions... let alone talking about.

Finally, Melanie attempted to launch but was held back thanks to her body being in a shit load of pain, making her go limp. I looked straight at the woman, readying myself to have a word with her. I mean, I opted to go for a civilized approach, maybe getting down why was she doing to Melanie. Just as I was about to speak, the nurse began to act in a strange matter, almost like she was taken over by from demon from the depths of hell. I just looked on, until it dons on me... Melanie had enough and found a loophole. I tried to sit up to look at what the fuck was going on while keeping an eye on Melanie's limped body. Finally, I noticed something, Melanie was in astral form and how a way to physically attack person, even trying to choke her out. I was quite surprised when I was noticed. While those around Melanie's victim was trying to help, I just sat back... watching the action unfolding in front of me. Well, I found was it really disturbing, but at the same time, proud of this "breakthrough". After a while, Melanie returned to her body, satisfied on talking her anger out on someone who was clearly bullying her. Of course, I wouldn't recommend it but it was one of the most beautiful I ever seen.

"You just had to do it... impressive." I told her.

"She deserved that. I strictly requested she stays the fuck out." Melanie said.

We just watch the nurse being taken to care, while the researcher and the officer stayed behind.

"Didn't know you had that level of rage." I said.

"She wouldn't fuck off after telling her end it. She refused to listen, making me like a total twat in front of the group. I could hear all the laughter at me, even with Victoria the others to stop. There wasn't anything we could do. She wouldn't listen... it was making matters worse. When I was testing my astral for, tried on a nearby computer." Melanie said.

"You're the last person I would expect to be bullied if you can call it that." I said.

I wanted to give Melanie a hug but couldn't thanks to the pain. She would've rejected anyway.

"I just wanted her to stop. I was able to hack into the computer system, to see what she said about me. What she wrote down was finally the last straw." Melanie said.

"I'm going to assumed." I said.

"I just wanted her to stop. JUST STOP!" Melanie said.

"Well, I'm not sure who to explain it this to. I mean, I'm not in charge." The researcher explained.

Victoria was also listening.

"Well, she kept saying Melanie needs to experience the pain she kept to herself, but it was too much. Some of the others were picking her because of it. She wouldn't let Melanie be alone, not for a minute upon arrival." Victoria said.

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