Part 4

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 Later, it finally stopped, I was pretty much in mental confusion. I was finally able to regain control but was very weak. A nurse was standing by, looking at the vitals. I wasn't sure if it was possible to be in an astral plane while still conscious. My bones were healing as they should, but they're still a fear in my nerves. The sudden attack didn't help matters. Since I did have an eye injury, there was attention focused on it. I still needed to see a medical specialist in order to figure out the cause of what is being called a seizure. There wasn't a known history, and I was put on anticonvulsants as a result. There were so many times, I wanted to tell them to stop.

The following morning, I was just wanted to throw up, not to mention feverish. I pretty fell into a catatonic stage, unable to move. I still wasn't sure how I was still having an astral stage despite regaining some control. Suddenly, I heard a familiar voice. It's was Melanie. I was finally glad to see her after a while. I could tell she likely sneak out, as she was still having been given the clear. I already knew about the sectioning, but you think I'm going to snitch her. The answer is nope, even if I could talk. Now, I still needed a way to talk to her. Yet, I wasn't sure how she knew what I was thinking, she understood. It took me a moment to notice two of me, my body and astral (which before the accident), and it was the latter. Don't ask how that works.

"I'm here. I had to slip by guards. I wasn't told that it was a lock-down area. Victoria told me all about it. I'm not sure how long she'll be in." Melanie said.

"It's like that for a reason." I said.

"I can understand gaol, but here." Melanie said.

"It's due to safety. I don't even want to know how you break out." I said.

"Some bloke forgot to lock one of the doors. I left when nobody, including Victoria, was looking. I had grabbed a white bucket cap and a blue overall. I didn't want the orderly know what was up. They took everything I had on, claiming it was a 'risk'. I was only left with my undergarment and given a johnny gown similar straight from a prison uniform. That's just stupid!" Melanie said.

You can facepalm for me. My version is like Jean-Luc Picard in one scene.

"You were right about that mental health law. I thought I was to be treated for heart problems. At least, you're treated differently." Melanie said.

"Look, I understand you want to stay healthy but there's a fine line. It was clear you either refuse or ignore what your GP ask of you." I said.

"Still, I just had a heart attack. That doesn't make any sense. Why didn't they explain what kind treatment to reduce the chances of another. Now, they're saying something about Pellagra or rickets." Melanie said.

"It's a likely under section 2. You needed to be evaluated. I'm sorry. There wasn't anything I could I do. They clearly ruled out other causes. You're dangerously underweight and suffering from malnutrition, considering those conditions. I hate to ask..."I said.

"6.5 stone if you're asking about my weight." Melanie said.

At that point, I just wanted to slap her upside the head.

"That under two in a half stones. Someone at your height should be at least 9 stone, which is the safest on the low end. I know I might have lost half a stone, but that's mainly due to the accident and the diet I was placed on since I'm having a hard time swallowing." I said.

"I know. You're not a medical practitioner. You had nothing to do with it. I'm saying that I can handle this, but they claim I lost control." (She looks.) "Personally, I think I got from Geri." Melanie said.

"I did noticed how upset she was. Yet, she was already messed-up." I said.

"I just don't know what to do. I'm too scared to go through what can be..." Melanie said.

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