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Stay With Me [Hinny/Romione] by Minecrafter2098
Stay With Me [Hinny/Romione]by Minecrafter2098
The Killing Curse Bellatrix Lestrange casted never missed Ginny. She lost her life that day. The tear drop of a true lover brought her back to life, but barely. She was...
Who is Noah Dickens? by travjw
Who is Noah Dickens?by Trav Williams
Noah Dickens is a day-trading surfer who questions his purpose in life until a mystical experience provides him with a new perspective. Finding himself enmeshed in an F...
Mirrored identify  by ViperessKmpra
Mirrored identify by Viperess Kómpra
me and my friends/roommates are having a good time and exchanging memories together. but when I sleep, I'm suddenly trapped inside a reoccurring nightmare dream world. t...
I Will Stay  by Cubagi22
I Will Stay by Cubagi22
This is my personal experience when I meditate. I go into a mind space that takes me SOMEWHERE beyond my understanding. I fly away to a divine place where I wish to ALW...
Into the Further by Angel707x
Into the Furtherby Angel Goldsmith
Elise, Specs, Tucker, and Lena. Who wouldn't want these four as their ghostbuster team? The four have been working together for years trying to help everyone in need. Th...
because I love you by NAMJESUSOFVMIN
because I love youby NAMJESUS_OF_VMIN
Have I lost you? Will I return back to you? These questions repeat my head-jimin Will you come back to me? No matter what I will wait for you-taehyung
Detached by chloefredericks00
Detachedby chloefredericks00
Some things happen so suddenly you don't realize what has actually happened and wonder why you feel so numbed to the problem at hand.....
Fix You by becominghim
Fix Youby It hurts to become
Trying to get back into writing w OC's and actual plot or whatever. Here's my first shot at that. Listen to Coldplay's "Fix You" while reading, if you want. Th...
Love Phantasm by justmehehetehe
Love Phantasmby PipalipaPip
Conan Miller went missing 17 years ago, but to everyone's knowledge, he had been there the whole time. Having no one able to hear, talk, touch, or even see him for 17 ye...
just the two of us by realmofwords
just the two of usby unknown
The Book that falls in love with you. started on 01/14/21 finished on
The last love of the butterflies 
 by FlyChic2024
The last love of the butterflies by FlyChic2024
The last heart was of us and down the road I hoped a forever would come and being able to stay in the city where the love was started was like a dream that melted my hea...
ᴼᵘᵗ ᵒᶠ ᴮᵒᵈʸ ᴾᵒᵉᵗʳʸ by bmnts_
ᴼᵘᵗ ᵒᶠ ᴮᵒᵈʸ ᴾᵒᵉᵗʳʸby Brenda Miramontes
This collection of poems came through an out-of-body experience. I speak about love, psyche pollutants, technology, and all that time can hold. I hope you enjoy it!
StrangeVille by ukiyoing
StrangeVilleby Ted 🧸 | On/Offline
StrangeVille..Exactly how it sounds...strange. We break forth walls and have random jobs to pick up. Here we go broski's Inspired by TikTok readers trend where you start...
The Ever So Secret Diary of a Psychic Medium by Psychicmediumkaz
The Ever So Secret Diary of a Psyc...by Psychic Medium Kaz
Kaz is a practising Psychic Medium who offers Readings on a local and International level. This book gives true accounts of Psychic and Mediumship Readings which Kaz has...
Cure for Life by IraTar-Yer
Cure for Lifeby IraTar-Yer
What if you cab switch bodies with someone to have the best day of your life... Would the price be worth it? Would you be able to track where the loop starts?
Stream of Consciousness by AP__Williams
Stream of Consciousnessby apwilliams
This is writing...I guess image by: Ryan Hatton on Dribbble
The Dream by shaunsstories
The Dreamby shaunsstories
Just a random fictional short story about an out of body experience. And life and death. Love and welcome all feedback.
The Foot by BenignWorld
The Footby Ben Baker
A grandfather and his grandson return home on a winter night to find they can't close the door to their home. There is a foot in the door.
A Flower Boy, A Doctor, and A Miss Julia Crawford by emi_wise
A Flower Boy, A Doctor, and A Miss...by Emilee Wise
Roses and irises are perennials. Both seem to wither and die in the fall, but, once spring prys itself out of winter's cold grip, they birth a glorious resurrection, bur...