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Stay With Me [Hinny/Romione] by Minecrafter2098
Stay With Me [Hinny/Romione]by Minecrafter2098
The Killing Curse Bellatrix Lestrange casted never missed Ginny. She lost her life that day. The tear drop of a true lover brought her back to life, but barely. She was...
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Nicholas' Story (Christmas Special) { On Hold } by danycation
Nicholas' Story (Christmas Special...by DANI ☺
He was alive. But he wasn't living. What if he was the living dead? Would that make him feel more alive than ever before? #972 Spiritual 11/16 © 2014
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A Hole in the Sky by Astral Surfer by AstralSurferr
A Hole in the Sky by Astral Surferby Astral Surferr
I had unpublished this book I started writing in 2008. but with the virus and the way current events I thought I would re-publish it for anyone that would like to read i...
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Lost Soul by sociallyawkward0123
Lost Soulby ..............
Aiko Smith's soul left her body every night when the sun dies down, she finds herself waiting every day, never leaving her room, too afraid from the past that haunted he...
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The Obsidian Mirror and the God of Resurrection by PastLifeRegression
The Obsidian Mirror and the God of...by Short stories from real sessi...
Fernando Martinez is currently conducting a research study in order to quantify the healing benefits and beneficial outcomes that many have reported resulting directly f...
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Astral P. by InsideThisSilence
Astral P.by Inside the Silence
Sitting alone in a crowded mall, an abnormal, middle-aged man approaches her. Asking young Amethyst with she would help him assist him in the search of his young daughte...
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Star by YeyetSoriano
Starby Yeyet Soriano
Five very close friends who lost touch because of a shared past, reunite years later when one of them finds herself on the brink of death. Everyone needs to confront the...
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After the Words by KenyaSR
After the Wordsby KenyaSR
Lexa's obsession with words and the world led her to write notes to no one in particular, but just as an outlet. Then something unexpected occurs. A hapless forutity. W...
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None Existent Life by Dlawrie
None Existent Lifeby Stan Law
When life becomes too hard, you have two options, fight on until things become easier or give up. James Sprinstein chose the latter, deciding that taking his own life w...
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Sleep paralysis by stephaniewelch14
Sleep paralysisby stephaniewelch14
Lucid dreaming , sleep paralysis , dreaming and other things to go with it
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Lydia's Body by SarahDMunoz
Lydia's Bodyby Sarah D Munoz
When Lydia Cane is severely burned and left paralyzed from a home fire, she and her parents decide to undergo an experimental brain transplant in an effort to improve he...
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The Ever So Secret Diary of a Psychic Medium by Psychicmediumkaz
The Ever So Secret Diary of a Psyc...by Psychic Medium Kaz
Kaz is a practising Psychic Medium who offers Readings on a local and International level. This book gives true accounts of Psychic and Mediumship Readings which Kaz has...
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Sleep Paralisys  by TeressaBriones
Sleep Paralisys by Teressa Briones
Everything in this story is based on my personal experience it is 100% true and I feel it needs to be heard because when I experienced this I was confused as to why I le...
A Soul's Dream by Emyg_8
A Soul's Dreamby Emy G
(This book has examples of suicidal thoughts and behaviors and explicit thoughts) A dream the author had became a story she had to write. Avery's only love died for a fo...
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Dreams by teenage_rebellion_
Dreamsby Teenage._.Rebellion
This will be a place for me to put my dreams. Whether they be daydreams, regular good dreams, or nightmares. They will all be going here so I can look back and remember...
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Out Of Body by Charlotte9899
Out Of Bodyby Charlotte9899
A girl and her mother get in a car wreck under
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Inevitable  by NSonnenberg99
Inevitable by NSonnenberg99
It's going to happen, just accept it.
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A Road Of Red © by annonymous_writer12
A Road Of Red ©by annonymous_writer12
Sephora was 15 years old and had the best first year of high school anyone could wish for. A boyfriend, Sparrow, a 4.2 GPA, and a great group of friends. Everything was...
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State of Mind by ProdJordanSmiley
State of Mindby JaMari Elijah Ashton