Part 12

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The following day, I was just trying to figure out what was going on, even during my therapy session. I was able to speak with the therapist, which I figure would be able to calm down. I was able to start breathing without the need for a machine, but I still had that tracheotomy. I wasn't willing to tell him about what I was told the day before. Yet, the look in his eyes could easily tell I was rather upset about what happened to Melanie and little I could do. My diet also had been changed to includes soft food, which was a welcome change.

Still, I had Melanie on my mind as her appearance I saw at that meeting. It was like she had been trapped outside during a blizzard, and being in the Northern Region, I knew a lot about it. Trying to understand what was going on, I had noticed Melanie wasn't her old self, even since being admitted. However, I was greeted by someone who works at the courthouse, asking if I can offer a statement about the pitch accident. I was still thinking about Melanie, but I figure she would've wanted to focus on my recovery. I give the information I could around the pitch accident, from my point of view, but left out what I saw during my astral form. The official understood I wasn't well enough to attend court, so she kept the questions to a minimal.

After the meeting, I tried to focus on my studies. I research if I can be enrolled in any classes offered. As I was researching, I heard a knock on the door. I was a bit tense as there was some information I still hadn't been unable to tell anyone else. It was just Miller, the doctor we met, she was needing to understand a little more information about Melanie's health condition. I wanted to ask Miller why Melanie felt cold to the touch, as I haven't had that happened before. I thought about meeting Melanie later on, to figure what has been happening to her other than our astral forms. Finally, Miller asked if I ever an out of body experience? It was something that caught me off guard, as I had never told any of the medical staff.

I was kinda nervous about that question but forced myself to give out some kind of answer. I just explain what I saw shortly the moment impact and flat-lining, only to be told: "not yet young lady, not yet". Miller could tell I was withholding some critical information but didn't pressure me, knowing about my injuries. The only other thing I explain seeing was being taken to the operating theatre. Then, Miller asked if it was okay she tried a different approach, needing to get some form of understanding. I just rested on the bed, getting sleepy, but I feared another seizure. Despite my best efforts, I craved in but was partially vigilant.

I wasn't sure what was going on but kept having a strange feeling over my body, with my hand trying to draw out something. I was handed a pen and notepad to draw out what I was feeling at that moment. I wasn't aware of what I was doing at that moment in time, unlike the times in my astral forms. The feeling lasted for about 10 minutes before I was able to come true... uncertain on what I just dealt with. All I check out in my room was Miller, asking a few more questions that I wasn't sure about. After noticing, Miller realizes that I wasn't able to provide more than what I somehow drew out. Miller explained that I might have some more people who would like to speak with me, but they'll need to see the others involved, including Celine. I haven't seen her in quite awhile, apart from the letters. I don't mind it, she often didn't want to overdo it.

As I waited, I started to think about what I saw in Melanie's dreamscape during the night. It was rather eerie, almost like she was taken for a crime that hasn't been known. I had been exploring the concept of dream walking, meeting others in their dreams. I often felt guilty about it since I didn't want to invade the privacy of others, but many didn't seem to mind. Yet, I couldn't help but feel too sorry for Melanie while on those dream visits. I wanted to speak with someone about it but don't have the willingness to go for it, at least not until I can ask Melanie about it. Finally, I saw my chance when I was asked by an assistant to come over to a board meeting. I thought it had to do with the pitch accident but also had my doubts. I was wheeled into the room when I finally met up with Melanie, who was still gaunt but there was more colour. A man was stationed near the door as we waited for the others to join, I wasn't sure but I had to get what I saw off my chest.

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