Part 11

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For a while, I had become less depended on a respirator, but it had to leave the tracheotomy, which I started to get used to. My rib cage was healing as it should. I was finally checking out about the Halo Brace I was dealing with. I was given some news I wanted to hear. The brace was finally removed and replaced with Minerva-Miami J Type with a thoracic extension for my rib cage, with plaster covering where the screws were. I still had to be mindful of the rod that was in my back, likely for life. My injured shoulder checked out, the bandages on my right hand were finally removed. I still had to be in a wheelchair to my back, but I been reducing the need for it.

I knew if the hospital was going to be my home for awhile, I might as well pay a visit. Just as I was about to check out if it was all right, I had some strange feelings about what was going on with Melanie. I was trying to find out why was she was being subjected to so many sedation. I still was thinking about the funeral dream and Melanie's condition. For some reason, I was seen by someone who worked at the ward Melanie was staying as he needed my help. I figure it was a welcome change from those ESP team and clairvoyance research since Melanie's health was just as fragile at this stage. He knew about my condition and recovering, so he was very careful. I wanted to ask him about what was going on, but he too mentioned something about the funerals we saw in Geri's dream.

The fact he was talking about funerals pretty much caught me off-guard, as I haven't talked about it much since it just haunting. Still, I try not to let that get to me and focus on recovering. I was given a series of questions about Melanie's condition, but I was careful not to bring up the reason why she was on all a lot of sedation. I felt that it was such treatments was overdoing it when one gets down to it. Victoria had explained a portion of the patients in the psychiatric ward being treated for addiction. Yet, I kept wondering about what was going on until I overheard someone talking about the measures some are going to treat eating disorders. Melanie had been tricked into admitting to something, but what kind of problem was she admitting to if not food issues. However, I heard Melanie down being transported, but she was rather upset. I met up with her in one of the meeting rooms, never seen her like an upset in the way I did.

"What's wrong" I asks.

Melanie didn't answer, she was crying about something.

"Are you okay?" I asks.

Victoria entered the room, struggling to walk thanks to her rickets diagnoses.

"Sorry I'm late, I had to double-check to see if I wasn't seeing a funeral." Victoria said.

"A what..." I asks.

"I'm just as stumped." Victoria said.

We were just looking at trying to calm Melanie, not sure what was going on.

"Look, we're here. We're not going to hurt you." Victoria said.

A medical specialist entered the room.

"Sorry about seeing that technique but something had to be done." The medical specialist said, introducing herself as Dr. Miller and her field in clinical psychiatry.

I kindly declined the offer.

"I understand this isn't the first time I had seen cases like, but the measures going forward seems to be first for everyone." Dr. Miller said.

"Then, why that container?" Melanie asks.

"What container?" I whispered.

Melanie wasn't known to have any fears that I knew about.

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