Part 21

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Following morning, I was dressed up as I was going to have an interview outside of the hospital. It was nearby the police station, and it was going to be for a few minutes. It was the first time in a long while I was able to leave the hospital. It was a welcoming to be able to feel the fresh air, even if it's from the traffic. A private escort was given to keep the press from becoming a problem, as I was still sick from the accident. I opted for a wheelchair as I felt comfortable in the sitting position as it was more helpful for the G-Tube and breathing.

When I arrived, there were a lot of people I had seen before. Few had noticed I was visiting the station because of the pitch accident. A nursing assistant came with me just in case something goes wrong, as I wasn't fully cleared medical. Mariah, Jewel, Brandy, Geri, and Celine were all there. It was also one of the times I wasn't on a ventilator, as I was trying to breath on my own again, though I had to have whenever outside. It was there as a precaution, since there was no telling what was in the air. The interviewer were informed in advance about my condition, so she had to be careful and limit the question. During the time, I try not to think about much, that is until someone's astral decided she wanted in. The others had been given the polarized lens in order to get a better look, as goes with the interviewer just in case.

"Let me guess they have you on ice again?" I asked.

"They're trying something on me, but I didn't want to stick around to see what was happening to my body." Melanie said.

"What had they done to it?" Mariah asks.

"I try to explain it was too cold, but they explained it part of the treatment. I don't think so." Melanie said.

"They had hydrotherapy in the past for behavioural help. A version still exists but mainly for physical." Jewel said.

"I know. My mum told me about that. Explain why I'm stuck in the cold?" Melanie demanded.

The look on Melanie did look like she was trapped outside in the freezing cold.

"What kind of therapy is that? I thought it was just your run of the mill type." Geri wondered.

"Has Victoria say anything?" I asked.

"No, she won't ask. She thinks she'll get it as well." Melanie said.

"I have been in the cold a few times, mostly after a serious workout." I explained.

I was used to being in the cold, mostly in the form of an ice bath, but it helped with my body after being in the heat.

"I had done similar ones, but it wasn't done to my whole body at once." Melanie said.

"Your whole body, you haven't been allowed to a lot of physical activity." Brandy said.

Brandy did have a point. After all, Melanie was ordered bed rest thanks to her eating disorder, that landed her in the hospital.

"What was it they're trying to get out of her?" I wondered.

"Look, tell ya what? We'll go over there after the meeting and get a closer look. It could be a side-effect of the ESP examination you and Emma had been going through." Celine suggested.

I never had thought about, but it could be a clue into what was happening.

"Listen, whatever it is, you're pretty much on your own as it's clearly affecting you." Mariah said.

"I hate to say but she's right." Geri said.

We spent about a few minutes, even when the interviewer came in. Melanie wanted to return to her body, but she was stopped as there were questions for her as well. We were dumbfounded but went along with it as I was starting to ask about my own abilities. It was a rather intensive 30 minutes, but I stuck it through... bit by bit.

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