Part 28

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Days passed, and I was still looking forward to being able to be medical cleared to return home. However, it was different. I was being screened to see if I was being to attend one of the court trials of the man who done the mess. I wasn't scared in the least, never been since I was more focused on recovery. Being scared simply never crossed my mind, it was not enough room. I was also receiving training when it came to my ESP abilities, needing to see if the pacemakers were working. I was asked if one day, I'll need to demonstrate the ability in front of the public but politely declined the offer. I needed to heal up first, not mention... needed to keep Melanie stabilized. I was finally learning to breathe again without the need of a machine. It was advised, for the time being, to leave the trach where it was for awhile. My brother joked about the cap for the decannulation looked like a misplaced clown nose, but my ribs were still healing. The brace regime was reduced now to a Miami J type but was still informed to be still occasionally. I was meeting up with many of the witnesses who were with me at the moment of impact. It was going to be at a conference room, which was explained why I was getting dressed. I couldn't wait until I show my football mates my scars once I heeled up fro the trauma.

I was also working on my writing, to check to see how the effects of the pacemakers were doing. It was rather routine, common for those who had gone under neurological surgery. Melanie was given similar examination though I could tell she was still upset about being subjected to likely life-saving surgery against her say. Despite her parents being by her side, Melanie was still distressed and her drawings were starting to take shape. I still had to move forward, as I needed to focus on the pitch accident. I finally arrived at the conference room, where Geri was there along with the others.

"How's Melanie is doing?" Geri asks.

"She's still rather upset. I never seen her in that state in my life, even in death." I explained.

"I heard rumours about that." Mariah said.

"About what?" Jewel asks.

"It's rather complicated." I said.

"I'm checking on Melanie in a few. She could use some help from what had happened to her." Geri said.

"I plan on doing that, too. Not sure, what is driving me but it's only fair." I said.

"What about Victoria?" Mariah asks.

"She got a check-up yesterday. She's yet to cleared herself." I told her.

"I bet they wanna to see if someone could watch Victoria for awhile." Jewel said.

"Well, both David and Victoria's mum offered to come over to help." I said.

"That's nice of them. Victoria is getting the help that she needs. I wondered if Melanie would have to accept help for her emotions." Geri said.

"I wouldn't be surprise on one or two things: one of the family member moving in or for her to move back home." Jewel said.

"Well, her brother, Paul, is moving out of his family home. He's looking to see if Melanie can add him on to the lease at her flat. I can take a look at that." Mariah said.

"What's the limit allowed?" Celine asks.

"It's often two people limit, but it depends one how many bedrooms are there." Mariah said.

"Melanie lives in a one-bedroom flat. She might have to get a bunk bed." Geri said.

"Paul has started to obtain some fund for that." Celine said.

"Has Melanie been told about this?" I finally asked.

"I'm not sure. I was about to meet up with her." Geri said.

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